Dental Technology the Most Advanced Available


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For the best dental technology you can’t go past Bela Family Dentistry. From your toddler’s first baby tooth to your grandmother’s dentures, the best dentists in South Carolina and Georgia have locations throughout the south.

All locations provide the latest in dental technology that you won’t find anywhere else.

21st Century Dental Technology in South Carolina

Unlike some dental practices in Georgia, Bela Family Dentistry keeps up with the ever changing world of dentistry. using the latest in dental technology.

From laser dentistry to teeth in a day and same day dentistry you can’t go wrong when you become a family member of the Bela Family Dentistry team.

The Best Technology for Your Teeth and Gums

From same day dentistry to non-invasive cavity detection, you are in good hands when you schedule an appointment with your dentist in South Carolina.

Every convenient location in both states offers the most advanced dental technology available for you and your entire family.

1. In House Dental Milling Machines

When you become a patient of Bela Family Dentistry you won’t have to wait two weeks or more for a new dental crown. Your dentist in Georgia is a licensed and preferred provider of the E4D Technology and has the machinery to place a permanent crown in a single dental appointment.

If time is of the essence, and when isn’t it, same day dentistry with E4 Technology is the only way to go.

2. Cone Beam CT Technology in Georgia

3D cone beam CT technology provides patients with precise diagnostics without high radiation.

Using a fast and non-invasive system, Bela Family Dentistry scans your entire oral cavity using digital technology to diagnose your symptoms before creating a personalized dental treatment plan. This is all done in the privacy of your dental practice in South Carolina.

3. DIAGNOdent® and Early Cavity Detection

Before DIAGNOdent® it was nearly impossible to locate small cavities. However, this pen sized detection device has changed all of that using a laser light to find even the smallest problem areas both on and inside your teeth.

Both cavity prone and average patients will benefit from DIAGNOdent® as it prevents tooth decay from getting worse.

4. Digital Smile Design

One of the biggest innovations in cosmetic dentistry is the Digital Smile Design in South Carolina. Every Bela Family Dentistry location offers patients virtual software that lets you see your smile before you say yes to anything. With digital software you can see what you will look like with dental implants or porcelain veneers.

5. Intraoral Cameras for a Close Up Look

If you have always wanted to see what your Georgia dentist sees schedule an appointment with Bela Family Dentistry. The intraoral camera, which is about the size of a toothbrush, lets you see what your dentist is doing on a monitor in front of you. The painless device scans your mouth giving you the real story about your teeth and gums.

6. The Wand® for Dental Anxiety

Bela Family Dentistry understands the fear of the needle and offers patients the Wand®. This computer assisted system numbs the gums before the injection making it virtually painless. It’s the shot without the shot and best of all, most people do not feel a thing.

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