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For the sake of your smile, call and schedule an appointment with a Bela Family Dentistry practice near you.
While you may think it is okay to go without a replacement for your missing tooth, it really isn’t.

Why Missing Teeth are Harmful

According to your dentist in Georgia, the minute you lose a tooth the adjoining teeth and those that sit above and below begin to compensate for the gap. This causes problems for your entire smile. Of course, if you are missing multiple teeth, the problems get even worse not to mention what happens to overall facial structure.

Your South Carolina dentist explains that teeth exercise the bone. Without a workout the jaw starts to shrink aging you about 10 years. Although dentures do replace missing teeth and help prevent teeth from repositioning, they can’t reverse jaw shrinkage.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

If you follow the Bela Family Dentistry Blog you will remember that dental implants are the best replacements for lost teeth. Dental implants act as natural tooth roots exercising the bone keeping your face looking young again.

Can Everyone Qualify for Implants?

While most people are good candidates for dental implants you will need to have a thorough examination with a dental implant dentist in Georgia.

A thorough consultation determines if you have enough jawbone for implants or if you need bone grafting before implant surgery.
If you smoke or suffer from chronic systemic issues you may not be suitable for implants as both impede healing.

What Kinds of Implants are Available?

There are several types of dental implants available that include, single, multiple and same day. While all of these types of dental implants provide the most stable support when it comes to missing teeth, some are different from others.

Single Dental Implants

Just as the name implies, single dental implants replace one tooth requiring one dental implant post and one artificial tooth. In some cases, your dentist may replace two teeth with single dental implants.

Multiple Dental Implants

If you have three or four missing teeth in a row, Bela Family Dentistry will use multiple dental implants, meaning fewer posts to replace your missing teeth. Depending on your situation, multiples could be the answer.

Same Day Dental Implants

People who wear dentures or need to have all teeth pulled are excellent candidates for same day dental implants in South Carolina.

In most cases you can walk in for implant placement and walk out with a new set of temporary and good looking implants that will be replaced when your surgery has healed.

Replace Your Missing Teeth Today

Don’t let missing teeth ruin your day, call or send a text and schedule a dental implant consultation with Bela Family Dentistry today.

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