Bela Family Dentistry Dental Implants for Everyone


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If you have bridges or dentures, you probably don’t think you are a good candidate for single dental implants because of bone loss. Thankfully, that has all changed with single, multiple and dental implants in a day from Bela Family Dentistry.

Dental implants have literally changed people’s lives for the better and could change yours as well whether you have one, two, or three missing teeth, have lost all of your teeth or plan to have every single tooth extracted for dentures.

Single Dental Implants from Bela Family Dentistry

Single dental implants fill the gap left by the missing tooth while the implant post fuses to the jawbone. This process takes about six months.

Another advantage to single dental implants in South Carolina is that you won’t have to have your abutment or adjoining teeth comprised because your dental implant dentist in Georgia won’t have to remove any of the healthy tooth to make way for the restoration. Dental bridges require some removal of the adjoining teeth to make way for a natural tooth.

Multiple Dental Implants

If you have more than one missing tooth, Bela Family dentistry recommends multiple dental implants for missing teeth. This is the perfect alternative to partial dentures and tooth damaging dental bridges.

Each dental implant dentist in South Carolina has the training and expertise to provide you with a comfortable and permanent solution to missing teeth with multiple dental implants.

Bela Family DentistryFull Mouth Dental Implants

One of the biggest advancements in dental implants has to be the introduction of full dental implants. With full dental implants and All on 4’s from Bela Family Dentistry, you can walk into the office with missing teeth and walk out with dental implants that will heal and be just as strong as your natural teeth.

With just four posts or screws on each arch, you will never have to deal with the problems that come with dentures again.

Dental Implants for Everyone

While almost everyone is a good candidate for dental implants because of bone grafting, some patients may fare better with dentures.

People who smoke and use tobacco have a higher implant rejection rate than people who don’t. People who have bruxism, the technical word for tooth grinding, and clenching, may not be good candidates for dental implants either as the constant grinding puts pressure on the artificial teeth.

Keep in mind that if you have gum disease you will have to address the issue with your South Carolina dental implant dentist before proceeding with dental implant placement.

Dental Implant Consultation with Bela Family Dentistry

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants is to schedule a no obligation consultation with Bela Family Dentistry. Your implant dentist has locations in both Georgia and South Carolina for your convenience.

Call, click, text, or send a message online for more information regarding dental implants in Georgia today.

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