Professional Teeth Whitening for a Healthy Grin


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Professional teeth whitening is awesome and if you have been thinking about whitening your teeth skip the pharmacy and head to a Bela Family Dentistry location near you.

With dental practices in both South Carolina and Georgia there is no excuse to risk over the counter tooth whiteners for brighter teeth.

Why Over the Counter Whiteners aren’t Great

Your dentist in South Carolina explains that pastes, gels, strips, trays and rinses from your pharmacy aren’t prescription. That means that the active ingredients will not be as strong as the ones found at your cosmetic dentist’s office.

When something is not as strong as its prescription counterpart, people have a tendency to overuse the product. Overusing strips, polishes, gels and pastes can cause sensitivity. According to your Georgia dentist, too much product can also make teeth transparent or blue.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Best

Bela Family Dentistry explains that professional teeth whitening is monitored. Whether you opt for chairside whitening in a single dental appointment or custom made trays that gradually whiten teeth, you are in the best hands when you opt for professional tooth whitening in Georgia.

The team from Bela Family Dentistry uses Opalescence® and Kör® for professional teeth whitening. Both of these prescription products are only available from your cosmetic dentist office in South Carolina.

With both in office and take home custom made whitening trays you’ll have a healthy and beautiful smile that will definitely be a show stopper.

Teeth whitening products lighten teeth up to ten shades and because the team is qualified and experienced, your teeth will be matched to a shade of white that best compliments your skin tone and facial features.

Does Tooth Whitening Work for Everybody?

Tooth whitening is perfect for coffee, tea and red wine stains. Teeth whitening in South Carolina works on those heavy and colorful curry and spaghetti sauces as well.

Professional tooth whitening also works on teeth that have yellowed with age and tobacco stains.

Keep in mind that tooth whiteners won’t work on restored teeth. If your porcelain veneers, inlays, tooth colored fillings or onlays are stained, talk to a dentist in Georgia about restoration or replacement. The same goes for dental implants.

Although the implant posts will last for the rest of your life as long as you practice good oral hygiene, the same can’t be said for the artificial teeth.

While artificial teeth for dental implants are extremely resistant to staining people who push the envelope will eventually see stains.

Professional Teeth Whitening with Bela Family Dentistry

With two types of professional teeth whitening available you have no excuse. Call, send a direct message or a text and schedule a cosmetic dental appointment in Georgia. You can have a beautiful, white smile in an hour or a couple of weeks. The choice is yours.

For more information regarding professional teeth whitening in South Carolina, call and schedule an appointment at a Bela Family Dentistry Location near you. You’ll be so glad you did and so will your pearly whites.

Call and make an appointment for professional teeth whitening today.


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