Finding a Family Dentist the Whole Family Will Love

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As a family, as much as you love each other, you don’t always agree on everything. Maybe you regularly find yourselves in good-natured debates about whether to have burgers or tacos for dinner. Or if you should watch your three-year-old’s favorite movie for the hundredth time this week. Disagreements are just a natural part of family life.

But finding a great family dentist is something the whole family can agree on. After all, no one wants a grouchy, outdated dentist that treats you more like another job to get done than a human sitting in their chairs.

Here’s how to find a dentist the whole family will love.


This day and age, people are busy. Between work life, school, appointments, children’s extracurricular activities, and family events there’s a lot to balance. Which is why when someone takes a couple of minutes out of their day to sit down and leave a review, it’s a big deal. They were left with an impression so strong they wanted to share it with others.

It means so much to us at Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry that our patients take time out of their hectic schedules to leave kind, thoughtful reviews. We are very grateful to have been given a 5-star rating from 37 Google reviews. 


Cindy H. says, “Everyone at Bella of Newberry was warm, friendly and made me feel comfortable. The cleaning was thorough and pain free. I felt the staff was truly interested in making sure I understood the issues with my teeth and listened attentively to my questions and concerns. It was a great experience.”


In South Carolina, dentists need to complete at least 14 hours of continuing education credits each year. Dental hygienists need to complete at least seven hours each year and dental technicians a minimum of four hours.

Continuing education isn’t just crucial for professionals to maintain their licensure, however. It’s also important they do so to provide the best possible service and experience to their patients. Staying up to date is imperative to providing safe, efficient dental services with minimum patient discomfort year after year.


When choosing a new dentist, it’s important to check that they accept many insurance plans and offer a variety of financing options. Your financial needs may evolve over the years—and your dentist should be flexible in meeting your changing needs.

Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry accepts all insurance plans. As work life is evolving and job-hopping is on the rise, you just might find the insurance company you are with now may not be the one you are with in five years. Finding a dentist you like that accepts many dental plans ensures you can continue to visit them for years to come—no matter the company covering your dental costs.

For payment options, we accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and CareCredit. CareCredit helps you pay for treatments and procedures that your insurance doesn’t cover. They even offer no-interest financing options for three to 12 months to qualifying applicants.


And perhaps most importantly, when selecting a dentist, look for one who shows compassion for each and every one of their patients. You want each member of your family to feel comfortable with your dentist and be treated with the same gentle caring hand.

Joyce, our dental assistant enjoys getting to know her patients on a personal level—it’s what makes her truly happy. She wants to make each patient feel comfortable and always has an open, honest line of communication with them.

April is our dental hygienist. She’s a very caring, compassionate person with a great deal of experience as a dental hygienist. She’s committed to providing exceptional care that makes her patients feel cared for and comfortable.

Sandy, our patient services coordinator, welcomes each patient with a warm smile. Her goal is to provide each patient with exceptional customer care while welcoming them into our family here at the office.

Monica is also a dental assistant. She loves getting to know her patients and connecting with them person-to-person. And if you love to read, then ask Monica what she’s reading right now.

Tori is the one who keeps the ship sailing smoothly along as our practice manager. Tori has nothing but wonderful things to say about Newberry and our patients.

“We are all passionate about relationships with our patients because patients are people, they are our neighbors, our families, and our friends.” — Tori, Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry’s Practice Manager

Here at Bela Family Dentistry of Newberry, patient needs and care always come first. Everything we do—continuing education, providing modern services, making those services accessible, and listening to patient concerns—is for our patients’ happiness and satisfaction.

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