Dentistry and Skincare in South Carolina


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Bela Family Dentistry is your one stop for everything dental, but did you know that your dentist in Georgia can also take care of your skin with amazing skincare products?

Your Georgia cosmetic dentist is proud to offer patients, and potential ones, the Obagi line of skincare products. Only available from a doctor’s office, Obagi is an amazing skincare line that takes care of all of your issues, including dry and aging skin.

Obagi for Happy Clients

People who use Obagi for skincare couldn’t be happier. In fact, those who suffer from hyperpigmentation no longer have an issue. Because Obagi C Serum fades dark spots and acne scars while giving your skin the ultimate glow.

Since 1988, the leading physician dispensed skin care line has helped both men and women minimize wrinkles, sun damage, premature aging and even acne scars. Obagi restores and promotes healthy skin while giving you the products you need for younger and healthier looking skin.

You’re in Good Hands with Bela Family Dentistry

Because the team from Bela Family Dentistry has had training from the product makers, there are no worries about what products are best for your skin type or your skin issue.

Whether you are putting up with Rosacea or scars from a bad case of hives, Obagi and Bela Family Dentistry have the perfect skin care system for you.

Skin Care Systems

  1. Transformation Systems
  2. Targeted Solutions
  3. In Office Procedures
  4. Essential Products
  5. Recovery Products

Depending on your skin type, the Obagi team from Bela Family Dentistry will design a system just for you. Because everyone’s skin is different, it takes a professional who has been trained in the art of Obagi skincare to get it right.

Dental Spa to Help You Smile Again

While a smile is all about teeth and gums, it’s also about how you feel about your face and your skin. If yours isn’t doing you any favors because of pre-mature aging, sun damage or other issues, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your favorite dentist in Georgia.

When you get started with an Obagi skincare system you will begin to see results in as little as two to three weeks. You’ll be amazed at how young you will look and feel when you start a skin care program with Bela Family Dentistry and Obagi.

Teeth Gums and Skin

If you would like to learn more about physician dispensed skincare from Bela Family Dentistry and Obagi, call, send a text or a direct message and talk to a team member today.

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