Dentist Appointments for a Healthy Smile


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If you have been thinking about a new smile, but are a bit reluctant when it comes to dentist appointments, look no further than Bela Family Dentistry.

Bela Family Dentistry has locations in Augusta Georgia and South Carolina and is ready to help you love yourself once again.

Love Your Smile Again

Sadly some people are afraid to smile because they do not like their chipped and stained teeth. Unfortunately, some of those folks have a fear of the dentist.

If you follow this blog, you will remember that toothaches and bleeding gums will never cure themselves. Toothaches get bigger and gingivitis becomes periodontal disease.

Timely Dentist Appointments

Timely dental appointments make things easier. In addition, you are less likely to have to endure additional procedures such as dental crowns, root canals and periodontal therapy.

Sedation Dentist Appointments in Augusta

Sedation dentist appointments make things easier for anyone who suffers from dental fear. From mild and moderate to severe dental phobia, you are in the best hands when you become a patient of Bela Family Dentistry

Dentist Appointments are So Important

For whatever reason, some people just don’t like going to the dentist, in fact people with extreme fear would rather do anything but sit in the dentist’s chair. As previously mentioned that only makes things worse.

It is much better to sit for a single filling than an entire mouthful. With timely dentist appointments you won’t have to worry about one cavity as Bela Family Dentistry practices preventive dentistry so that everyone in your family stays healthy.

Proactive Dentistry

Being proactive about oral health is vital for healthy teeth and gums. Being proactive means watching what you eat and drink.

Being proactive with dental health also means brushing twice and flossing once each day. Bela Family Dentistry also recommends using an anti-bacterial mouth rinse after brushing as it helps keep bacteria at bay.

Of course along with eating healthy, brushing and flossing you will also need to schedule regular dentist appointments.

Your Augusta family dentist recommends that you schedule dental appointments at least once or twice a year. Even more so if you are prone to gum disease and/or tooth decay.

Dentistry in Augusta

If you haven’t been to the dentist and would like to get your smile fixed, call or send a direct message. Bela Family Dentistry is ready to help you and your teeth and gums get healthy again.

Call or send a direct message and schedule dentist appointments today.

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