5 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know About Your Smile

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At Family Dentistry of Edgefield, we know that a healthy mouth is a vital part of our everyday lives. From debunking myths around Halloween candy and cavities to exploring the latest and greatest in charcoal toothpaste trends, our hometown dental office blog seeks to educate our current and would-be patients so that they can make their own informed oral health decisions.

Sure, the topic may seem prone to being a bit . . . well . . . boring, but Dr. Cook, Dr. Hall, and their team of supporting dentists and staff are passionate about your smile, and that shows through in our useful tips, tricks, and insights. So without further ado, it’s time to fill you in on five things your dentist wants you to know about your smile and how your dental routine can impact more than just your ability to flash those pearly whites.


More than just the ability to chow down on food or nibble away at your nails during those nervous moments (come on, admit it, you do it too), a healthy smile returns big benefits to both the bearer and those around you. An attractive smile can give your overall appearance a big boost, help you appear more youthful and energetic, and is even a key indicator of a happy marriage. Add these up and you’ve got more than enough reasons to keep those pearly whites in tip-top shape.


Appearances may be one thing, but did you know that a stellar grin is also a key factor in keeping your body in overall good health? For years, doctors and dentists alike have known that poor oral health can lead to a number of serious bodily conditions. Bacteria trapped in your mouth due to poor dental maintenance can lead to a variety of cardiovascular conditionsand can potentially cause low birth weight issues in expecting moms.


Now that we’ve filled you in on the many benefits to a bright, shiny, healthy smile, it would seem darn right selfish to not spread the wealth around. Before you go out and start a fundraising campaign for your friends and family, however, there’s a far simpler solution at the ready. As it turns out, smiling is contagious.

It’s scientifically proven that one smiling person quickly becomes multiple smiling people and the condition spreads like a virus, although with less stuffy noses and hacking coughs than a typical virus. Just think, by going to the dentist and proudly sporting your grin, not only are you benefitting your personal health, but you’re also spreading cheer to all of those around you. Keeping up with your dental regimen may not earn you a Nobel prize, but you can certainly feel confident enough to keep on smiling and spreading the benefits around.


The benefits of smiling may be all well and good, but all too often people don’t realize the many factors that go into making teeth attractive and the options available when you work with a quality dental provider. At Family Dentistry of Edgefield, we listen closely to our clients and help to educate them in all things toothy goodness. Starting with a thorough examination and cleaning, we then map out a treatment plan that fits lifestyles and budgets.

An attractive smile may begin with utilizing orthodontics to help straighten crooked teeth or eliminate gaps, but that certainly isn’t the end of the conversation. Follow-up procedures such as crowns, veneers, and full-mouth whitening are icing on the cake and can often help achieve that iconic “picture perfect” Hollywood-worthy smile. From restorative to cosmetic work, regardless of your choice of procedures, the important aspect of crafting a dental plan is working with a dentist and support staff who take the time to listen and educate you and your family on all the available options. If you’re in the Edgefield, South Carolina area, Family Dentistry of Edgefield certainly has you covered in that regard.


It may have been an easy sell to convince you of the benefits of a solid dental plan. Perhaps you even found it informative to hear that a great smile goes well beyond orthodontic procedures. The whole of that advice, tips, and factoids isn’t very helpful, however, if the end result is out of your budget.

Dr. Cook, Dr. Hall, and their team of support staff at Family Dentistry of Edgefield are ready to come to the rescue. As it turns out, a healthy, sparkling, gorgeous smile is well within your financial reach. We work with a variety of insurance plans to help maximize your benefits and ease the pain on your wallet. Need to help your dollar stretch a little further? Our dental offices proudly offer CareCredit financing for added flexibility in payment. Whatever your payment method, our experienced professional office and billing staff explain all monetary aspects of your treatment as part of your comprehensive oral health plan.

Each patient’s experience at our dental office is individually crafted with a focus on our core mission to always exceed your expectations. If you’d like to see the difference a caring, compassionate, and trustworthy local family dentist can make, schedule an appointment today.We look forward to sharing our exuberance towards dentistry with you and welcoming you into the Family Dentistry of Edgefield clinic!

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