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Bela Family Dentistry asks you to just take a moment to think about your mouth. How important is it in your life? How often do you use your mouth each day?

If you really think about it, you are using your mouth every single moment of your day. Your mouth allows you to breathe, speak, and express yourself, to smile, to laugh and to kiss your loved ones.

It physically chews tastes and chemically breaks down your food into the nutrients your body requires. Many of us take these things for granted until a part of our mouth reaches a breaking point.

Bela Family Dentistry Says Pay Attention to the Signs

Sometimes during our busy hectic lives, it is easy to forget about this part of our amazingly intelligent bodies. We are too distracted to listen to the signals that let us know something isn’t quite right. Unfortunately, we are in the habit of adapting to pain.

This includes living with discomfort and sensitivity, especially in our mouths. Then we are forced to deal with a problem only after it has finally blown up into an expensive, painful, and catastrophic situation.

I know this because there are many times when I have been “too busy” to deal with my health. I’ve ignored subtle signs and symptoms until everything falls apart, and then I regretfully look back and wish that I had paused to take a moment and listen to my body when it was telling me exactly what it needed.

Your Body is the Teacher

I am no longer interested in temporarily covering up signs and symptoms because my body has taught me that there is always a deeper issue hiding behind those signals that need attention. However, even when nothing is bothering us, the signs in our mouth can still tell an entire story, just as the rings in the wood of a stump tell us all about the life of that tree.

What is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You?

If you listen closely, your mouth will always reveal exactly what is out of balance and what the future. I invite you to consider the power of investing in you.

Prevention is the power you have to correct an underlying issue before it produces the inevitable breaking point. Imagine the time, energy, and money you could save over the length of your life by choosing to make your mouth a priority before it breaks down.

What Everyone Deserves from Bela Family Dentistry

There are only two possible causes for tooth breakdown: functional dis-harmony or biological dis-harmony. The two main reasons that teeth do not last are from a lack of balance is force, bacteria, or both.

What can be done to treat my bite alignment issue?

If you are concerned that your mouth has any of these signs and symptoms of occlusal or bite instability, the next step would be to schedule an occlusal exam appointment with me.

I will thoroughly evaluate all three parts of your chewing system in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Every mouth is unique; therefore, this exam is necessary for me to discuss anything regarding your treatment options.

Addressing Your Mouth’s Alignment

Dr. Shelli Boucher believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to keep their teeth throughout their lifetime.

She has undergone extensive advanced training at the Dawson Academy, a globally recognized postgraduate education center. The hands on course work is focused on advanced diagnosis, functionally centered cosmetic dentistry, complex oral rehabilitation, bite disorders and TMJ related issues.

Long Term Results with Bela Family Dentistry

Dr. Boucher is passionate about shifting the focus in dentistry from minimizing symptoms to treating the root cause of any oral health issue. She enjoys helping patients bring all the parts of their mouths back to their natural alignment in order to achieve predictable, long-term stability.

Of course, results of any dental treatment from Bela Family Dentistry will depend on the level of damage already done and your ability to maintain your mouth outside of the dental chair, among other factors.

At later stages of breakdown, we can help you experience significant improvements at a minimum. At earlier stages of breakdown, complete damage reversal and prevention of future problems is more probable.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call, text, or send a DM to Bela Family Dentistry today.

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