Dental Implants for Missing Teeth are not all the Same


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Dental implants for missing teeth are the best and strongest solution for missing teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth you understand that problems that come with missing teeth. Thankfully, Bela Family Dentistry has the experience and expertise to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial posts that act as tooth roots. These posts or screws are surgically placed in or on the jawbone. Once the area or areas have healed, your dentist in South Carolina will place custom made artificial teeth over the posts.

Are All Dental Implants the Same?

Not all dental implants are the same. According to the implant specialists from Bela Family Dentistry, there are several types of implants. However, only an expert is able to determine what type of implant is best for your particular situation.

Single Missing Tooth Implant

People who are missing one tooth are excellent candidates for dental implants. While there are a couple of options for a single missing tooth, dental bridges and a removable denture being two, none compare to a single dental implant.

Dental bridges harm the adjacent teeth and partial dentures are uncomfortable. A removable denture is not only uncomfortable, but can also be embarrassing, especially if it slips out when you are enjoying a big juicy steak. Single dental implants are the best choice if you are missing one tooth.

Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have several missing teeth all in a row, you are probably suffering from both esthetic and functional issues. Multiple tooth loss means missing your favorite foods and covering your mouth when you talk. Esthetics aside, multiple missing teeth cause problems for your remaining teeth as well.

Talk to your cosmetic dentist in South Carolina about multiple dental implants. These fixed dental implant bridges are permanent and act as natural tooth roots. With multiple dental implants, you won’t have to deal with removal appliances or conventional dental bridges.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you wear dentures or have teeth that need to be extracted, talk to the team from Bela Family Dentistry about full mouth dental implants.

Unlike removable dentures, full mouth implants act as natural teeth and are just as strong. This permanent alternative to dentures and bridges give you back your freedom. With implants, you can smile, talk, and eat without having to worry about your teeth.

Missing teeth, damaged teeth that need to go should have a reliable replacement and that is where dental implants come in.

The Only Permanent Replacement for Teeth

Dental implants for missing teeth are the only permanent replacement. Dental implants give you the freedom to be you. Call and find out more from Bela Family Dentistry today.

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