Sleep Apnea Awareness Day March 20


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According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, more than 22 million people in the United States are dealing with sleep apnea. Sadly around 80 percent of them don’t know they have it.

Bela Family Dentistry treats people using non-intrusive solutions. Those solutions include oral appliance therapy and dental sleep medicine.

National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day

March 20th is National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day. That means it’s time to pay close attention to how you are sleeping and how those around you are sleeping.

While this can be difficult if you don’t share a bed, there are ways you can observe your patterns.

Feeling Sleepy When Awake

If you are getting enough sleep at night, or you think you are, but are constantly tired, you could be suffering.

Sleep apnea is something that wakes you up dozens of times a night. For some, it could be as many as thirty times every hour.

Waking Up Gasping for Breath

If your breathing is interrupted chances are you will wake up gasping for breath because your brain is telling you to wake up.

Dry Mouth/Sore Throat When You Wake

If you snore you know how dry your mouth is when you wake up. The same goes for OSA. Because your airways dry out there is no moisture to keep you from getting dry mouth.

Painful Headaches

Headaches shouldn’t be something you have to deal with every day. If you are dealing with more than your share it could be a sign. Because your brain isn’t getting the oxygen it needs you will suffer from chronic headaches.

If you do notice any of the below symptoms make sure that you see your primary care physician who will refer you to a sleep specialist.

Sleep Apnea Dentist

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea schedule an appointment with Bela Family Dentistry.

The team in Augusta has the training and experience to provide you with non-invasive treatments for this potentially deadly disorder.

Bela Family Dentistry offers a six step sleep protocol that evaluates your situation. This allows the team to come up with a plan. That plan will include nasal breathing therapy along with dental sleep medicine.

If you haven’t been able to use a CPAP machine and don’t want to succumb to surgery for sleep apnea, your South Carolina sleep apnea dentist can help.

Call or click and schedule your appointment with Bela Family Dentistry. With locations in South Carolina and Augusta you will find relief for sleep apnea.


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