Old Silver Amalgam Fillings Can Leak

photo of mouth showing silver amalgam leaking filling

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In the world of dentistry, the longevity of silver amalgam fillings has long been debated. While they’ve been a staple for decades, their potential to leak and pose health risks remains a topic of concern. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of this issue, exploring the signs, implications, and necessary steps for proactive management. Whether you’re considering replacement or simply seeking information, this comprehensive guide sheds light on the critical aspects of old silver amalgam fillings and their impact on your dental well-being.

Are Your Silver Fillings Leaking?

If you are still sporting 15 or even 20 year old silver amalgam fillings chances are you are dealing with cracks, breaks and leaks. Even if your fillings are only 7 to 10 years old you could be having the same issues.

The bottom line is this type of filling contract and expand over time because of temperature changes. This means they won’t be sealing out the decay like they used to.

Sadly, if there are leaks, cracks or breaks in your fillings the rest of the tooth is susceptible to damage. When that happens you’ll have more decay to deal with. Once a filling starts to leak it will only get worse. When it gets worse it could leak toxic mercury into your system.

Although the FDA and the ADA have both said amalgam fillings are okay they aren’t saying anything about leaky old silver amalgam fillings.

Is Silver Amalgam Safe?

The safety of dental amalgam has been a subject of debate due to its mercury content. While dental associations and regulatory bodies assert its safety for most individuals, concerns persist about potential risks associated with mercury exposure. Some studies suggest a correlation between dental amalgam and adverse health effects, particularly in vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children. Additionally, there’s ongoing discussion regarding the environmental impact of amalgam waste. These factors contribute to the questioning of dental amalgam’s safety and the exploration of alternative filling materials.

Removal of Old Silver Amalgam Fillings

If your mouth is full of silver call and schedule an appointment with Bela Family Dentistry. Family dentist is ready to give you a beautiful smile and best of all, it won’t be silver. The first step is to thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and your restorations. Your dentist will determine what dental crowns and fillings are sound and which ones aren’t.

For some, all must go as they aren’t willing to cope with the problems that they have had with old silver amalgam fillings. Some people have a high tolerance while others don’t and may have toxic symptoms from old fillings.

Time to Visit Your Dentist

During your removal appointment, your dentist will make sure that you are safe when your old silver amalgam fillings are removed. Once removed your old cavities are refilled with mouth friendly dental materials. In some cases you may need dental crowns to cover the new fillings if decay has continued to damage the tooth.

If you would like to get your teeth checked, visit your nearest Bela Family Dentistry clinic in the following locations: Aiken SC, Augusta GA, Edgefield SC, Florence SC, Kershaw SC, Newberry SC, Columbia SC, Wagener SC, West Columbia SC, or Lexington SC for personalized advice and treatment options today

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