Obagi® for All Skin Types


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Summer is just around the corner and so is dry skin. If you are prone to dry skin, or oily skin for that matter talk to your dentist about Obagi®, yes, your dentist.

Bela Family Dentistry offers medical grade skincare to patients, and potential ones, who have problem skin, aging skin, or those with perfect skin who just want to keep it looking radiant. All skin types are catered for with Obagi® medical grade skin care products.

Prescribed Skin Care

When you become a client of Bela Family Dentistry you will love the advanced and prescribed skincare products from Obagi®.

With Obagi® and your dentist in South Carolina you can be assured you are getting the best advice. Regardless of your skin type or condition Bela Family Dentistry has the perfect formula thanks to Obagi®.

Clinical is Best

If you have ever been to a department store and dealt with a skincare distributor you may have left the counter confused without a product in hand.

With prescribed skincare in Augusta you are assured of the best experience. The best experience because every dentist in South Carolina has the knowledge, training, expertise and most importantly the experience to help you with the best system for your skin type.

What to Expect from Obagi® Skincare

As previously mentioned those overpriced skincare products from your favorite mall may not be the best products for your skin.

The makers of Obagi® have tested and researched the product for decades. This means you are getting quality prescription skincare products that will really work for you and your skin.

Whether you have problems or not you can rely on this skincare system in South Carolina to get the job done right.

Your Skin Your Formula

Bela Family Dentistry examines your skin before recommending the best products. Every person is different meaning every person deserves a custom made prescribed skin care system.

If you have dry skin, your prescribed Obagi® skin care system won’t be the same as someone who has combination skin.

Your dentist in Augusta examines your skin type to treat your issues with the best and most effective prescribed skincare system available.

Obagi® in South Carolina

If you would like to try prescription skincare products call or send a direct message and talk to a team member from Bela Family Dentistry.

You will be amazed at what prescribed skin care can do for you and your skin. Call for a consultation today.




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