Custom Made Mouthguards in Georgia


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It’s National Facial Protection month and that means it’s time to schedule an appointment with Bela Family Dentistry for custom made mouthguards.

Protecting you and your family against a blow to the head while playing sports is the best way to avoid a trip to the ER.

What is National Facial Protection Month?

The team from Bela Family Dentistry explains that National Facial Protection Month helps bring awareness to people just like you. Thousands of mouth injuries are prevented every year because of mouth guards. Protecting your mouth is easy when you wear a mouth protector. However, some mouth guards are better than others are.

Types of Mouth Protectors

According to your dentist in Georgia, there are three types of mouth guards available, standard, boil and bite and custom made mouth protectors. While all three of these mouth protectors are better than nothing, there are some things you should know about all three.

Standard Mouthguards

Standard mouth protectors are available from your pharmacy or sports stores. They are made from plastic and designed to fit anyone. As you can imagine this isn’t the best way to protect yourself, especially if the standard mouth guard you buy doesn’t fit quite right.

Ill-fitting mouth protectors are the biggest reason they are left in the gym bag or the locker room. Sadly, they are uncomfortable and make it almost impossible to talk or even breathe.

Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

A head above standard mouth protectors, boil and bite mouth guards mold to your mouth and your teeth after placing in boiling water. This softens the plastic so that when you put it in your mouth it will shape around your teeth with both tongue and finger pressure.

Unfortunately, these types of mouth protectors are also uncomfortable and bulky. In fact, boil and bite mouth guards have the propensity to encourage teeth grinding and clenching throwing off alignment.

Custom Made Mouthguards

The best of the best when it comes to mouth protectors is custom made ones. Because they are made by Bela Family Dentistry and crafted from an actual mold of your teeth, you are getting the best fit possible.

While custom made mouthguards are a bit more expensive than standard or boil and bite mouth protectors, they will help prevent a knocked out tooth from a blow to the head, which usually means a trip to the hospital and more money out of pocket.

Custom Made Mouthguards for All Sports

While group sports, such as football and soccer require mouth protectors some don’t, i.e.: baseball and water polo. With that being said, most individual sports aren’t recommending them at all.

Your dentist in South Carolina recommends custom made mouthguards for most sports including tennis, skateboarding and mountain biking. If you enjoy martial arts or gymnastics, you will save yourself time and trouble with custom made mouthguards.

Call for a No Obligation Mouthguards Consultation

For more information regarding custom made mouthguards, call or send a text to Bela Family Dentistry today.

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