Obagi Skin Care from your Dentist


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If your skin isn’t what it should be contact your dentist in Georgia. You heard that right, your dentist.

Bela Family Dentistry is proud to extend its dental services to skincare using prescribed Obagi skin care products only available from a medical professional in South Carolina.

Obagi Skin Care for Gorgeous Skin

You’ve probably heard it a dozen times, but it’s true. Your skin is the largest organ you have. If you don’t take care of your skin it won’t take care of you.

Skin cancer is a very good example. When you don’t protect your skin from the sun you are putting it at risk.

Obagi is skin care for everyone regardless of skin type. Because your dentist in South Carolina is trained and experienced to provide you the best skin care advice you are in the best hands.

Aging Skin

One of the biggest complaints people have is aging skin. From age spots to wrinkles and scaly patches aging skin is a huge concern to millions all over the planet.

Obagi skin care eliminates aging skin using the finest products available to medical professionals. You won’t find this type of skincare at your local pharmacy.

Every product contains the best ingredients for your skin nourishing it while giving you results you’ll be impressed with.

Obagi Skincare South Carolina

The body really does repair itself, your skin included. Bela Family Dentistry uses Obagi skincare because it helps unleash the full potential of your skin, the healing potential.

The clinical quality of your Obagi skin care formulation promotes healthy skin that prevents problems so there is nothing that needs to be corrected.

Unlike other prescribed skin care remedies, Obagi understands skin biology while working on a cellular level to create the products that have a dramatic affect and your skin. In just a few weeks you will notice a major improvement when it comes to aging skin.

The wrinkles, lines and spots will seem like a memory when you start using Obagi skin care for problem and aging skin.

Dental Care and Skin Care

It isn’t often that you’ll find a dentist who cares as much about your skin as your teeth and gums.

Call and schedule an Obagi skin care consultation with Bela Family Dentistry. With Obagi you’ll be smiling with your teeth and your wrinkle free eyes.

Call or send a text and schedule a no obligation skin care appointment with your South Carolina dentist today.


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