A Trusting Family Dentist in Augusta


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When it comes to the important things dentistry is at the top of the list. Starting from your kid’s first tooth to your grandmother’s dentures, a family dentist really is a doctor for oral health.

Bela Family Dentistry has been helping people just like you for decades and with locations in Augusta GA. and South Carolina there is no excuse not to become a patient.

Your Favorite Family Dentist

Your favorite practice is available for whatever you need. From emergency to sedation dentistry, dental implants and even fluoride treatments you will want for nothing when you become a patient of Bela Family Dentistry.

Getting it Right from the Start

Teaching your kids good oral hygiene habits is essential. Those habits include twice daily brushing, flossing and a healthy diet. Good oral hygiene habits also mean regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

In addition to checking on your kids oral hygiene habits take a look at your own as well. If you aren’t brushing for two minutes every time you put the brush in your mouth you aren’t getting your teeth clean enough.

Your Augusta family dentist recommends brushing in a circular motion making sure to brush the insides and backs of your teeth as well. Brush your tongue and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Gum disease can strike at any age. In fact, even babies can succumb to gingivitis. To reduce the risk never put your baby to bed with a bottle that has anything but water in it. Juices, formulas and milk contain sugar and can destroy your baby’s incoming teeth and gums.

In addition try to keep pacifier use to a minimum as it causes problems with the way the teeth erupt and the way the adult teeth are formed.

Family Dentistry in South Carolina

Having a dentist that your family can grow up with is a real plus and that is where Bela Family Dentistry comes in. Your children and your partner will feel comfortable, relaxed and safe every time they come in for a dental checkup. Furthermore, if there is some anxiety, your Augusta dentist offers sedation dentistry.

When it comes to family dentistry you won’t find a better practice than Bela Family Dentistry.

Call or send a text and schedule an appointment for every member of your family. You will be glad you did. Call or send a direct message and schedule your appointment today.


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