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Sedation Dentistry

Pain-Free, Relaxing Dental Care

Sedation Takes Away Your Worries

If dental anxiety is an issue for you, you’re not alone. In fact, millions of Americans have a fear of visiting the dentist. In some cases, these fears are connected to unpleasant prior experiences with a dentist, while other times they’re simply caused by a fear of the unknown or a feeling of not being in control. Our team is understanding of your concerns and we want to reassure you that we’ll do everything possible to put your mind and body at ease during each appointment. We want to build a lasting relationship with you by providing you with the best and most gentle care. Every visit to our office starts with a tranquil and friendly environment with touches of home and attentive service like no other. Once inside our treatment suites, you’ll be provided with a level of sedation dentistry,  suited to your dental anxiety (if any) and the type of treatment you’re receiving. This may include a single type or a combination of sedation types. Our aim is to make all treatment as pain- and stress-free as we can.

Our Sedation Selections

When you visit our office for a consultation, we’ll discuss our sedation options and choose those that best meet your needs. These include:

IV Sedation
This sedation type is delivered through an IV and brings on a sleeplike state. You won’t feel anything during your procedure and will have no memory of it later. Many dental anxiety sufferers prefer this type of sedation for dental implant placement and other kinds of oral surgery because of its combination of benefits. Many other practices aren’t able to offer IV sedation!
Oral Sedation
This is another popular choice for patients with dental anxiety since it also induces a sleeplike state, suppresses all sensation, and leaves you with no memory of your procedure. To get these benefits, all you need to do is swallow a pill that we’ll prescribe to you before treatment.
Nitrous Oxide
With local anesthesia we numb small treatment areas in your mouth by applying a gel topically or injecting anesthetic into the tissue around the treatment area.

Dental Anxiety Carries Serious Risks

Don’t be fearful. We want you to know that we offer custom sedation treatment plans so you have nothing to worry about during your treatment. It’s also important for you to know the potentially serious risks of not coming in for regular dental visits, which go beyond dental health. If dental anxiety keeps you from having dental appointments or ignoring some oral symptoms that you might be having, you put yourself in danger of compromising your oral as well as your systemic health. Unchecked gum disease, as just one example, has been connected to heart disease, respiratory problems, stroke, and pregnancy complications in scientific studies. To prevent these, keep up your daily dental hygiene regimen, visit us for ongoing dental checkups and cleanings, and call us for an appointment at the first sign of unusual symptoms. You have no reason to be afraid of dental care at Bela Family Dentistry!

Don’t let fear endanger your health!

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