Teeth in a Day with All on 4’s Dental Implants


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Thanks to Bela Family Dentistry in South Carolina and Bela Family Dentistry in Georgia, you can have a brand new smile in a single day, especially if you are missing most or all of your teeth.

Missing teeth don’t have to be replaced with dentures anymore. In fact, you can walk in with a mouthful of missing teeth and walk out with a beautiful new smile with All-On-4s.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day used to be pure fiction, but not anymore. The wonders of modern dental technology have made it possible for the team from Bela Family Dentistry to replace your teeth using four posts on each arch.

Conventional dental implants, whether, single, double or multiple require one post per artificial tooth. This means it takes longer to heal. The process takes even more time if you need a bone graft or any other type of additional surgery or surgeries.

All on 4’s in South Carolina

People who wear dentures or dental bridges, have several missing teeth or teeth that should be pulled are excellent candidates for Teeth in a Day.

In most cases, the implants are placed with temporary restorations until your jaw has healed. This usually takes about 3 months. However, for some it could take less or more time for healing to be complete.

Healing is Crucial

During the healing, it is imperative that you follow your implant dentist in Georgia’s instructions.

Because your implants are healing, you will need to stay away from hard and crunchy foods as well. Firstly, your mouth needs to heal. Secondly, your artificial temporary teeth are not built for peanuts or anything hard on teeth and gums.

Being diligent during the healing part of the process is essential if you want to enjoy the foods you used to.

It’s also important to remember that people who smoke will have a longer healing period. Because tobacco hinders the healing process, it is best to give it up before you have dental implants placed.

Patients Love Teeth in a Day

Patients are ecstatic about All on 4’s because they are extremely comfortable. Unlike conventional dentures, which press down on the gums, All on 4’s give patients normal sensations when it comes to eating and enjoying foods. With Teeth in a Day, you will be able to taste food again as well.

Some denture wearers complain that they can’t taste anything, but that isn’t the case with those who choose All on 4’s for their new smile.

All on 4s in South Carolina

You can enjoy the foods you love with Teeth in a Day from All on 4’s in Georgia. Call; send a text or a direct message to a team member from Bela Family Dentistry today.

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