How Much Is A Smile Worth? How Much Does Dental Health Matter

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How much is your smile worth? A penny? A dollar? A hundred dollars? You could try to put a value on it by adding up the money you’ve invested in keeping it healthy, but how do you measure its beauty, its friendliness, its kindness, the happiness it gives?

A smile is the outward expression of the internal feeling of happiness. Research shows us that the simple act of smiling can improve our mood. We exchange smiles with people around us daily. It’s a universal language. We understand these things are good and worth something, but how do we assign a value to a smile? What is it worth?


When considering the value of something we often try to associate a monetary value to it. But not all things can have a monetary value associated with them, like reactions to emotions or feelings. Or can they?

Researchers at Bangor University studied the economic value of a smile to answer the age-old question: what is a smile worth? Their research concluded that each smile is worth one-third of a penny. That would take a lot of smiling to save enough to purchase something. Rather than thinking of a smile as a direct exchange for something, the value of a smile is more intangible, which is why it’s difficult to assign a monetary value. However, studies show that a smile used in social situations and in business settings can create happier, more productive work environments. Or in sales situations, a smile can entice buyers to spend more than they would’ve otherwise. This study found that after extensive cosmetic work, a patient went on to earn a quarter of a million more in their professional career. And that’s worth something!


Your smile could make you happier and healthier and even do the same for those around you. It’s a known fact that we smile when we’re happy and the act of smiling can induce happiness. Smiling is the outward expression of happiness, but even if you’re not feeling particularly gleeful, smiling anyway decreases stress and improves mood. It’s like tricking your brain into feeling good. Smiling releases endorphins which can be a stress reliever. You want to reduce stress because chronic stress causes cortisol (the stress hormone) to spike, which causes inflammation, which is a known risk factor for cell mutations and diseases like cancer.

To put it in monetary terms, this study concluded that smiling can stimulate the same feeling as receiving $20,000 in cash.

For the smile makers, there’s something that goes beyond money, something that taps into the human desire to help others, to improve our lives and those of others. Improving smiles is more than just a cosmetic task. It’s an art, it’s an act of service to make someone else’s life happier. Consider the amount of schooling (and money to pay for the schooling) necessary for a dentist to acquire the skills that produce beautiful smiles. A lot of effort is put forth to help you meet your needs of maintaining and achieving a beautiful smile. Now that’s a feeling to smile about!


At Bela Family Dentistry of Wagener, we want to earn your trust by continually serving you with compassion so you can reveal your healthiest smile. We know that having a healthy, bright smile is a major confidence booster; and when you feel good, you smile more; when you smile more, you feel better; and when you feel better, life is happier.

The confidence to smile freely is the gift we want to give each of our patients. Many people refrain from this joy because they are self-conscious about their teeth, but this can easily be fixed by talking to your dentist about your smile goals. Your happiness is worth it! You could be just a few appointments away from your smile dreams.

There are many factors that contribute to an unhealthy smile, and our dental team will help you develop a good oral health routine to maintain a healthy smile. Having a nice smile certainly has many benefits. And did you know that a healthy smile or unhealthy smile can impact your entire body? It’s true! Research has proven there is an oral-systemic link which means keeping our teeth and gums healthy can keep our entire body healthy.

The opposite is also true, which is why it’s important to understand that your dental health extends beyond your pearly whites and invest your resources accordingly. Maintaining twice-yearly hygiene cleanings and taking care of any dental issues as they arise will prevent things from getting worse or even causing other bodily illnesses like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes like low birth weight, and osteoporosis.

This will save you time, money, and heartache in the future.

Your oral health directly impacts your overall health and your healthy smile directly impacts your happiness, this is something you can’t put a price on! If you have questions about how to reach your smile goals, contact Bela Family Dentistry of Wagener today.


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