5 Things To Do In Kershaw, South Carolina

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Welcome to Kershaw, South Carolina, a tiny township with a golden history. Don’t miss these fun staple activities and sites of Kershaw when passing through!

About 50 miles south of the nearest major city and just shy of the North Carolina state border lies a small town with a big history—but you’ve probably never heard of it. Sitting within Lancaster County in the northern end of South Carolina, Kershaw is home to a population of roughly 2,000 people. The region is known as the Midlands area and was once the largest producer of gold throughout the Appalachian region.

Residents and visitors alike can’t help but be captivated by Kershaw’s small-town charm, and there are plenty of great local business that will help you can attend to your family’s needs.

Plus, considering its lower cost of living and booming employment rates, it’s no surprise that Kershaw has welcomed so many new families over the years. Whether you’re a new resident or just passing through, you’ll find there is plenty to discover in Kershaw.

To get you started, here’s a list of interesting facts and can’t-miss things to do in this beloved community.


South Carolina played a big role in our country’s history, particularly around the 1800s. In 1825, gold was first discovered at the Haile Gold Mine, which lies just three miles outside of Kershaw.

In addition, Kershaw County—which ironically, is the next county over (Kershaw itself is actually located in Lancaster County)—was home to some of the most historic war sites in our country’s history. There are plenty of tours available throughout Kershaw (and Kershaw County) that will give you an insider’s look at the small town’s rich history.


Speaking of Kershaw County,  we can’t miss Camden, South Carolina’s oldest inland city—once one of the most prosperous cities in the area. Although Camden isn’t within Kershaw itself, it does make for a great day-trip while traveling through or staying in the area!

Camden can teach us many insights about the important role our state played during critical times in our nation’s history! The Historic Camden Revolutionary War site, for example, is one of many places you can visit to learn more. The Federal and Greek architecture lining the streets of historic downtown is another can’t-miss staple.


Of course, there’s more to this town than its patriotic history! Numerous natural wonders enhance this town’s already-rich heritage. The 40 Acre Rock Heritage Preserve is a state-protected natural area beloved by all its visitors. Aside from the massive granite rock star attraction, you can also enjoy plenty of hiking trails as well as sights of beautiful flora and fauna. But of course, you definitely don’t want to miss walking across the famed giant rock. That will give you better views of the scenery as well.


While Kershaw is technically 1.9 square miles of pure land, there’s a way to enjoy water sports and activities during the hotter seasons throughout the year.

About 30 minutes outside of Kershaw is Lake Wateree, a man-made reservoir that spans through Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield County in South Carolina. It’s home to plenty of wildlife both in and around the water, which, naturally, makes for a popular fishing destination and summer vacation spot. There’s even a National Park that provides camping locations and other amenities.


Another stunning attraction you can visit just outside Kershaw is the Hanging Rock trailhead, which brings together the culturally rich history of the town with the remarkable natural beauty surrounding it. This area was once a battleground for the Revolutionary War and has been fashioned into a short loop hiking trail to allow visitors to explore the remarkable historical site.


Part of the charm of Kershaw is its tight-knit community, which provides a cozy and inviting environment for anyone who visits. Whether you’ll be staying long-term or just for a short while, our town has plenty to offer you. Alongside our historic attractions are plenty of local businesses that deliver top-notch services like health and dental care.

Bela Family Dentistry of Kershaw, for example, is located on North Matson Street. It’s led by Dr. John Howell, who has been practicing in Kershaw since 1974! He and his partner dentist Dr. Joanna Cornelius provide cosmetic, restorative, and family dentistry services to patients in Kershaw and the surrounding areas.

New patients are welcome to contact us today to become part of the Bela Family Dentistry family here in Kershaw, South Carolina!

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