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Teeth Whitening

Make Severely Stained Teeth Shine Again

Teeth Whitening Treatment Will Surprise You

If you’re ashamed of dingy, discolored teeth, it will be our pleasure to show you the many advantages of professional-grade teeth whitening treatments! These can light up your smile by several shades and provide long-lasting results. Our team’s expertise in professional teeth whitening treatments includes acclaimed products from KöR®, Venus and Sheer White. We can brighten your teeth to a consistent shade that complements your facial attributes and skin tone. Best of all, we can generally accomplish your teeth whitening treatment in just one hour in the comfort of our modern office or provide you with the tools to brighten your teeth at home and at your own convenience. The results our teeth whitening treatments provide never fail to impress our patients. We know you’ll be thrilled with your results too!
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Professional Treatment Is a Cut Above

We have many patients who ask us what the differences are between store-bought teeth whitening kits and the professional-quality whitening solutions available here at Bela Family Dentistry. The answer is “many!” Store-bought whitening products are less potent than ours and won’t whiten teeth significantly or provide lasting results. They may also cause gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity. Whitening strips and kits sometimes give results that are uneven or look unnatural. Retail whitening products may also contain chemicals that erode your tooth enamel and increase tooth sensitivity. If you’re considering teeth whitening and are unsure which treatment is right for you, we recommend that you book an appointment for professional whitening treatment with us! You’ll see the benefits immediately:

Teeth Whitening on Your Own Time

For your convenience, we’re pleased to offer both in-office and take-home whitening treatments from KöR, Venus and Sheer White. The take-home treatments are still the professional-quality solutions that you can’t buy in a store. Whether you desire an hourlong whitening session before an important occasion or wish to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, you can make your teeth sparkle on your own schedule. Whichever option you choose, we’ll monitor your progress to ensure you’re comfortable and are on track to get the results you want!

Significantly brighter teeth after one short appointment.

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