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Soft Tissue Treatments

Safeguard Your Gums, Safeguard Your Health

Stronger, More Beautiful Gum Tissue

Do you realize that the health of your gum tissue can impact a broad range of issues from the esthetic beauty of your smile and the strength of your teeth to your greater systemic health? Even a disproportional “gummy” smile can elevate your chances of developing tooth decay below your gums. The incessant inflammation and disease associated with untreated gum disease can jeopardize your overall health, having been positively linked to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke in medical research. We can return your gums to full health and preserve your oral and physical health with several specialized periodontal therapies including gingivectomies! In our high-tech office, we provide extensive services by integrating advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment and techniques. Using our broad experience in periodontics, we’ll concentrate on your gums’ functional health without neglecting the esthetic enhancements that you’re hoping to see. Rely on us to tackle your periodontal troubles—set up your initial consultation at Bela Family Dentistry today!

The Results of Soft Tissue Treatment

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Key Periodontal Services

Whether for your child or yourself, a frenectomy can improve speaking and eating abilities. In the case of a tongue tie we can reduce the size of the tissue (frenulum) that’s limiting the tongue’s movement or remove it altogether. For those with a lip tie, we can also enhance the mouth’s appearance by removing the frenulum located above the two front teeth of the upper arch.
Soft Tissue Recontouring
Even out an unwelcome “gummy” smile with personalized soft tissue recontouring. Here we take away the extra gum tissue that covers your teeth and restructure the gums around each relevant tooth to create a more harmonious smile.
Gum Grafting
Undo unappealing and unhealthy gum recession and heightened tooth sensitivity. We place a small portion of tissue taken from your soft palate or a donor source in the area of gum recession to restore your gums. Gum grafting enables your tooth roots to regain their protective barrier after recession and also enriches your smile.
Effectively treat mild gum disease. We start by surgically removing unhealthy gum tissue, then disinfecting the periodontal pockets before putting the surrounding tissue back into place with sutures. A gingivectomy shrinks the pocket depth around your teeth to advance your gum health.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Accelerate the healing of your soft tissue and bone after gum disease therapy. We use a natural layer of tissue to separate the bone and gums in the affected area to permit each to heal correctly without impeding the other.

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