Results Set Us Apart

The Red Rock Advantage

At Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology, it’s difficult to describe our biggest advantage as a single feature. We have one multifaceted, interconnected set of advantages comprised of a periodontist who’s recognized as a leader in his field, superior technology, and comprehensive care. All of these add up to a periodontal practice without equal—and outstanding results—for patients throughout the Las Vegas area. Read on and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Proven Authority
in the Field

The head of our practice, Dr. Curry Leavitt, has exceptional qualifications and credentials that make him the ideal choice for your gum- and dental implant-related treatments. Dual-certified as a periodontist, he has extensive training in both areas that enables him to provide a level of expertise general dentists cannot offer. His knowledge is so broad and respected that he opened the Red Rock Institute right here to lecture to other practitioners on cutting-edge techniques that enable them to provide better care to their patients—the same high-quality care he provides you. Advanced technology is his partner in providing that degree of care.

Minimally Invasive, Highly Precise Tools

Widely known as a high-tech periodontist, Dr. Leavitt made the decision to stay on the forefront of dental technology at the beginning of his career. It’s through innovative tools that he can provide treatment that’s minimally invasive yet precise and effective. Using the GALILEOS® cone beam CT scanner he’s able to take incredibly detailed images of your mouth that enable him to pinpoint the ideal spots for surgical implantation. In conjunction with this, he uses nSequence guided implant surgery technology to extensively pre-plan dental implant placement, which makes for faster, more accurate treatment with fewer complications. The BIOLASE WaterLase® handheld laser has revolutionized gum treatment. It takes the place of a scalpel and sutures, allowing Dr. Leavitt to access or remove problem areas while simultaneously vaporizing infection-causing bacteria, then neatly closing off any incision sites with little to no bleeding. This is what Dr. Leavitt’s technology can do for you in the gum health and dental implant treatments he offers.

Comprehensive Gum Health and Dental Implant Care

The technology he uses empowers Dr. Leavitt to provide comprehensive gum care, from clearing bacteria to removing untreatable portions of soft tissue, in one location. He can also help you regain a healthy, fully functional, and beautiful set of teeth—and the quality of life that goes with them—through dental implants. He can provide everything from a single implant to two full arch implant bridges so that you can smile, laugh, speak, and eat again without difficulty or embarrassment. What’s more, he can deliver these results to you in just one appointment. You don’t need to wait longer to reclaim your life. If you prefer dentures, he can offer you a secure, dental implant supported option that eliminates many of the drawbacks of dentures!