Straight Teeth Are Happy Teeth

The Alternative to Traditional Braces

A spectacular smile has several features. A complete set of healthy teeth is one. Consistently white teeth, unstained and unblemished, is another. The position of the teeth is just as important, however, if you want a perfect smile. Orthodontics has the solution. Without question, traditional metal braces can successfully shift teeth into their correct straight position. The downside is that while you’re wearing braces, the metal wires and brackets can dominate your smile, cause temporary speech limitations, and make you feel embarrassed in social situations. They also require good discipline to maintain. Let us reassure you that you can have straight teeth without going through any of those difficulties. At Bela Family Dentistry our acclaimed team is making this a reality every day for our patients with transparent orthodontic appliances. 

clear aligners patient

Subtle Teeth Straightening

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An effective transparent orthodontics alternative, ClearCorrect operates similarly to Invisalign—with invisible plastic aligners that you keep in most of the day to accomplish the same stunning results. These are different in that they’re made in America and composed from a thinner material. They’re considered a more cost-effective option by many patients.

The Benefits of Clear Braces Are Obvious

There are better ways to straighten teeth!

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