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Multiple Missing Teeth

Too Many Teeth Missing?

Dentures Aren’t Your Only Option

Dentures were the main method of replacing lost teeth for so long that even now many people still think dentures are their only choice. One reason for this may be that they’re widely used today. Full arch dentures and partial dentures are an adequate and cost-effective way to replace lost or loose teeth. They have some drawbacks, however. They don’t offer dependable performance while you’re enjoying a meal or having a conversation, for example. They can become loose, even when you’re using an adhesive, making for awkward or exasperating situations. And that’s only an immediate concern. Since dentures don’t have roots or anything to act as roots, they’re not only unreliable, they can also cause the underlying jawbone to degenerate, increasing your risk of losing other teeth.

The Bela Family Dentistry team has the extensive training needed to recreate a smile that protects teeth and bone, looks natural, feels comfortable, and works the way that teeth should function. We do this using dental implant supported bridges, which bring with them one of the primary advantages of dental implants—a firm connection to the jawbone. Traditional bridges typically require that you have some of your healthy teeth filed down before they can fit on top of your gums. In addition, upper dentures typically include at least part of an artificial palate that covers the natural soft palate. This causes you to sacrifice some of the taste and tactile sensations of eating foods. Why give up peace of mind and your enjoyment of foods when bridges can be secured by dental implants and make you feel more confident than ever?

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Removable Partial Dentures

Fixed Dental Bridge

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant Supported Bridges in 3 Steps

Step 1
All dental implant cases start with a tailored one-hour consultation in our office. This allows us the chance to hear your specific smile goals, assess your overall dental health, and talk about pricing and payment options for treatment. Using our own CT scanner, we capture 3D images of your mouth that enable us to fully identify your dental health issues and develop a personalized treatment plan. If you’re missing some teeth, you’re probably a candidate for dental implants. Some medical conditions can impact your candidacy however we’ll discuss this in detail during your consultation. Based on the condition of your mouth, you might also require additional treatments in advance of implant placement, including extracting any decayed teeth that you want replaced and bone grafting to rebuild your jawbone mass after recession.
Step 2
As you will discover in all facets of our care, your comfort is always our priority. When you return to our Wagener office for dental implant placement, we do our best to ensure an uneventful, painless procedure with IV sedation which essentially renders you unconscious during your procedure and leaves you with no memory of it afterward. We also offer other types of sedation to ensure that you’ll be completely comfortable during your treatment! After providing sedation, we’ll perform any of those additional procedures necessary to make your jawbone strong enough to support implants, if applicable. Accomplishing these during the same appointment as placement means one less visit for you! If you’ve suffered severe bone loss, we may need to allow your jawbone to heal for a few months before placing your implants. We do this to promote greater stability for your implants.

With anesthesia and other procedures taken care of, we’ll surgically insert each implant post into your jawbone. The number of posts will vary, but we always place as few as possible to ensure stability while minimizing the number of insertion sites. In positioning the posts, we take several factors into consideration, including the best angle for a comfortable fit, the density of your bones, and the location of your dental nerves. Our implants are manufactured by some of the top names in the industry, including BioHorizons, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann, so you’ll not only get the highest quality care but also the highest quality materials from us. Once placement is completed, we’re usually able to attach a temporary dental implant bridge, enabling you to eat, speak, laugh, and smile almost immediately without discomfort and worry!
Step 3
Your post-placement healing may take three or more months. That includes osseointegration, which is the natural process of your implants permanently fusing with the jawbone. During that time you’ll gradually become reacclimated to living with a full set of teeth due to your temporary restorations. You’ll also come back to our office so that we can check up on your progress and confirm that you’re healing properly. After osseointegration is completed, we’ll bring you back here to receive your customized final bridge. We’ll take the temporary one out for good and replace it with one that was made expressly for you. To ensure a comfortable and lasting fit, we’ll also make any necessary adjustments at that time. We’re not done until you’ve got a complete, attractive, new smile that you love!
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We Make Dental Implants Affordable

Implant supported bridges can completely transform your life, empowering you once again to enjoy everyday activities like having a meal or a conversation with others. They can also boost your confidence to new heights you never experience when you were missing teeth. It’s challenging to put a price tag on priceless benefits like that. What’s more, no two dental implant cases are exactly alike; we look at your health, your smile goals, the number of implants you need, and other factors to determine your cost.

Giving you the smile you want is our guiding goal, and we attempt to remove barriers so that you can have that beautiful smile. For this reason, we’ve enlisted the services of leading financial companies to offer you flexible, manageable payment options. This includes breaking your total cost into small monthly payments. While insurance coverage for dental implants varies, we do recommend that you check with your dental insurance provider to determine if any of your treatment is covered by your plan. For your convenience, we file all insurance claims on your behalf, regardless of the kind of treatment. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can restore your full smile and put those missing teeth behind you.

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