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Loose or Painful Dentures

Struggling with Ill-Fitting Dentures?

Your Answer Is with Dental Implants

How long has it been since you’ve bitten or chewed foods without discomfort or your dentures coming loose? It can be difficult to feel anything other than disheartened and embarrassed if you suffer from these painful symptoms. Loose dentures develop because of the bone and gum loss that occurs over time (the natural result of losing teeth). If bone loss is not halted, you will most likely always struggle with loose and painful dentures, and the negative effects on your physical, functional, and emotional health. The exciting news is that dentures aren’t your only option for replacing missing teeth anymore! Our experienced dentists at Bela Family Dentistry can eliminate these symptoms with dental implants! We offer implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants, two alternatives to removable dentures that can return you to a comfortable, healthy, and confident life.

Problems Associated with Loose Dentures

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The Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

Rid your smile of issues associated with loose dentures with permanent dental implants! Choosing implant supported dentures adds enough support to effectively eliminate dentures that loosen, shift, or fall out during daily activities like eating and talking. While still your denture, it will gain most of its support from two or more dental implants in your jaw instead of fully resting on gum tissue and bone. For the greatest level of support and function, choose full mouth dental implants, the closest thing to healthy natural teeth! This solution is comprised of a full mouth bridge supported fully by 4-8 dental implants in your jaw. You can expect a near-full return to biting and chewing power, as well as beautiful and natural-looking esthetics. Denture problems may be part of your life now, but we’re here to give you a better quality of life, one that will let you leave these limitations and symptoms behind for good.

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