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At Bela Family Dentistry, we know you didn’t get into dentistry to be a manager. You want to improve smiles, not do payroll. You want to interact with your patients, not file insurance. We can help. Like you, we believe patients deserve exceptional, affordable dentistry from a team of compassionate professionals who genuinely care about their needs.

Bela Family Dentistry’s mission is simple: to uncover smiles through service. We achieve this by empowering our doctors and team members to deliver comprehensive care rather than managing the business aspect of running a practice. Our commitment is to the patients, not an insurance group.

The Bela Smile Starts with You

We want our patients to have smiles they are proud of. That smile starts with happy doctors. Bela Family Dentistry is actively looking to grow and expand our team with the right partnerships of doctors and practices that share a similar philosophy. Dentistry is an opportunity to serve, yet it is challenging because of the clinical demands, fearful patients, and managing all aspects of a business.

Continuing Bela’s long road of esteemed partnerships, we are delighted to add Dr. Robert S.  Hegler to our Bela family. ”I am excited about this new opportunity this will provide for Seanti, Dana, and Cindy to collaborate with the exceptional team at Bela Family Dentistry,” said Dr. Hegler. “Our shared commitment to delivering exceptional dental care will undoubtedly lead to positive outcomes for our patients. We are devoted to ensuring the continued oral health and happiness of the Kershaw community.

-Dr. Hegler

Bela, as an organization, and Dr. Cook, as a leader stand on a certain set of principles. And it’s not just talk, they live them every day. That became obvious to me very quickly during my initial visits. After getting out of my solo practice, yet not wanting to sell my soul to corporate dentistry, I wanted to practice in an environment, and with people where I could be the best version of myself as a dentist and a person. The team at Bela allows me to do just that. It is an extraordinary place to work.

-Dr. Oliver Spaeth

I began my practice in 1974 at the age of 26 with three goals; great dentistry, a one on one relationship with all patients in the most comfortable environment possible. Though my passion for dentistry has never changed, the practice did, from a staff of 2 to 5 hygienists, a staff of 13. With burnout and frustration growing daily I considered retiring. Then I met Bela Dentistry and Dr. Matthew Cook. He was committed to relationship-based dentistry with uncompromising values in a comfortable environment,the same principles I had 40 years ago. I’ve been with Bela for 9 years now. I only wish I had met Bela 25 years ago.

-Dr. John Howell

The Bela Benefits

As a Bela doctor, you will enjoy:
  • World-class continuing education and a network of like-minded dentists and specialists.
  • Real time off. Bela dentists typically work four days a week.

Administrative responsibilities removed from your plate. We handle operations, marketing, accounting, human resources, insurance billing, IT support, and more.

  • Bela will ensure your practice has modern facilities with up-to-date technology.

Built on Relationships

Partnerships with Bela allow doctors to focus on delivering exceptional dentistry and remarkable experiences to their patients and not be burdened with the day-to-day management of the business is a recipe for personal and professional success.

Our model is built on relationships. We allocate the time to spend with every patient rather than them being just another number. We believe that comprehensive patient centered care cannot take place if it doesn’t first start with a relationship.

Bela Makes Dentistry Better

As life-long residents of South Carolina with strong family ties to the area, we believe it is important to keep dentistry local and focused on exceptional patient care in our communities.

Whether you are looking to retire, find the right partner or GROW your practice, we would love to explore the possibilities to help you reach your goals. If you’re interested in learning more, Bela welcomes the opportunity to speak with you.

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