Is Dieting Hurting Your Teeth and Gums


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While you may want to do something about your waistline, it’s important to do it the healthy way. According to your dentist in Georgia, diets are not created equal. In fact, some diets can cause problems for your teeth and gums.

Bela Family Dentistry explains that yo yo and crash dieting can cause serious issues with your teeth because you are not getting the vitamins and minerals that you need, especially calcium, B-12 and Vitamin D.

Below is a list of diets that aren’t so great for teeth and gums.

The Diet Pill Diet and Teeth and Gums

Diet pills cause dry mouth. Dry mouth causes bad breath and decreases saliva flow. The chemicals used in diet pills also increase your chance of tooth decay because they contain high levels of acid.

Low Fat Diets

If you are enjoying a low fat diet, watch your calcium levels as low fat diets prevent you from absorbing much needed calcium. Add some healthy fats to your regime, get out, and enjoy the sunshine. It is also important to note that low fat diets affect dopamine levels, which improve your mood.

Keto and Smelly Breath

Although the Keto diet works, it can make your breath smell like acetone or rotten food. Bela Family Dentistry explains that if you are in ketosis, your body is burning fat instead of carbs. This causes halitosis. If you are on the Keto diet drink lots of water and chew on parsley, mint or other sweet smelling herbs.

Fruit Detox Diets and Teeth and Gums

Fruit may be good with the rest of a meal, but citrus fruits can erode the enamel on your teeth. A fruit diet can also lead to malnutrition, as you are not getting the vitamins and minerals you need. If you must do fruit, add some veggies to the mix.

Low Calorie Diets are Very Risky for Teeth

Cutting calories will help you lose weight. However, low calorie diets also deplete your body of much needed minerals and vitamins. Malnutrition weakens bones and softens the enamel on your teeth. Bela Family Dentistry explains that diets lacking in nutrition also affect healthy gums making them more vulnerable to gum disease.

While dieting can be healthy for your body, it is important to pay close attention to your teeth and gums while you are cutting calories.

Bela Family Dentistry for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Before you embark on any type of diet, it is important to see your primary care physician. It is also a good idea to talk to your dentist in South Carolina.

Regular dental visits assure you are on the right track when it comes to healthy eating habits. Call and schedule your appointment with Bela Family Dentistry today.

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