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Gum Disease Treatments

Gum Disease Endangers More Than Your Mouth

The Risks of Untreated Infection

You may think good dental health is only related to your mouth, but the truth is, it can impact the health of your entire body. If you have a condition like gum disease, the bacteria that causes the infection can travel throughout your system while doing permanent damage to your gums and bone. Without treatment, this persistent inflammation and disease can trigger other conditions including diabetes and heart disease and has even been linked to some pregnancy complications. As the leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease can spur significant oral health problems and endanger your overall systemic health too. For these reasons, it’s crucial to stay ahead of gum disease with regular visits to our office. If you’re already showing gum disease symptoms, we advise you to request an appointment immediately! We’ll help you conquer this chronic disease and reestablish your dental health with personalized gum disease treatments.

Watch for these Gum Disease Symptoms

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Safeguard Your Gums

To reliably support your teeth, your gums and bone must remain healthy. When bacteria begin to damage these tissues, it’s important that you request treatment to protect the foundation of your smile! At Bela Family Dentistry, we can offer surgery-free gum disease therapy that destroys the bacteria on your gums through a series of cleanings, medications, and dental scaling. Our modern ultrasonic scalers vibrate at a swift rate to efficiently clear your teeth of infection below the gumline. Sometimes ultrasonic treatment is all you need to reclaim good oral health. In cases where gum disease has progressed farther, we may have to remove diseased tissues and clear bacteria from the periodontal pockets and teeth through a surgical procedure. During your visit, we’ll identify your stage of gum disease and develop a customized treatment plan to match it.

Select Periodontal Services

Scaling and Root Planing
The first step in treating gum disease is critical, because you complete it before the disease becomes too advanced. This non-surgical treatment starts by first removing any plaque that has accrued on your teeth below the gumline (scaling). Next, we’ll smooth out your tooth roots (planing) to allow healthy gum tissue to reattach to the teeth and prevent infection from recurring.
Osseous Surgery
Control advanced gum disease with this surgical procedure. Here we gently remove the diseased gum tissue, reshape or restore decayed bone, and eradicate plaque buildup in the teeth and periodontal pockets.
Periodontal Maintenance
Maintain your gum tissue health following comprehensive gum disease treatment. We’ll have you return to our office every three to four months to provide a deep cleaning. During this cleaning, we’ll clear any new plaque and tartar buildup away from your teeth, including within the pockets.

Take control of gum disease before it does serious damage!

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