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Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Watch Ryan’s Story

Reclaim Your Complete Smile in Just One Appointment

Being toothless means you can’t enjoy even the simplest pleasures of life—a diversity of foods, comfortable conversations, and laughing and smiling when you feel happy. Maybe you already have dentures and don’t feel that they offer the reliability you need? Whatever the case, having either no teeth or no healthy teeth remaining means you’re not living life the way you want. That doesn’t mean relaxed, sincere smiles and your favorite foods are a thing of the past, though. The Bela Family Dentistry team has extraordinary training and skill in transforming empty smiles into healthy, eye-catching smiles—usually in one appointment! We can provide full mouth dental implants, with options tailored to your goals and within your budget. Your replacement teeth will enhance your quality of life and take your confidence to new heights. Get more details about full mouth dental implants below, then schedule a consultation with us at our office. Your newly restored smile is waiting!

Full Tooth Replacement Options

Full mouth dental implants aren’t the sole choice available to you, though most dentists and patients do consider them to be the best one. Traditional dentures restore most of the function of your real teeth and are an economical option for many people. They require adhesives to stay in your mouth, and still may occasionally fail to prevent your dentures from slipping out of place during meals and conversations. Implant supported dentures are closer to actual teeth and offer an added degree of stability. Secured to your jawbone by two or more dental implants, this solution not only offers reliable performance, they also help preserve your jawbone by providing root substitutes that stimulate the bone during chewing and biting, the same way that natural, healthy tooth roots do. The long-lasting answer to complete tooth loss is full mouth dental implants from our skilled team. These are nearly identical to a full set of actual teeth and restore complete function. We can offer you any of these replacement teeth options. Let’s discuss them all in a personalized consultation!

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Full Mouth Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

The consultation at our office is your chance to share your thoughts and your smile goals with our team. This discussion also allows us to discuss any concerns you may have about receiving treatment and includes a full explanation of each option and also how we can make treatment affordable for you. We use implants from the finest manufacturers in the industry, so you can be sure the materials are of the utmost quality. There’s also a clinical element to the consultation as well. We take your dental and medical histories and make images of your mouth using our in-house cone beam CT technology, which delivers 3D views of your teeth and bones using a portion of the radiation of most x-ray equipment. Putting all of this information together, we can tailor a treatment plan for your full mouth dental implants that delivers on your goals and exceeds your expectations!
Implant Placement
During your preliminary consultation we’ll establish if there are any procedures you need to have completed before you can have dental implants. This may include tooth extractions to eliminate any decayed teeth that might still be in your mouth and bone grafting, which restores lost jawbone mass and strength following bone recession. If we’re able to perform these during the same appointment as your dental implant placement to accelerate your treatment, we will. Otherwise we will wait until your mouth has recovered. Placement begins with administering one of our sedation options for your comfort. We offer multiple methods to accommodate the varying complexity of different treatments and to help ease any dental anxiety you might have. Once you’re calm, we surgically insert anywhere from four to eight implant posts in your upper and lower arches, taking great care not to interfere with dental nerves or otherwise impact the area. We use the minimum number of implants needed to ensure a safe, reliable fit of your full mouth fixed bridge. The complete process typically only takes a few hours to complete. You can generally leave our office that day with a full new set of teeth—just as you have long desired!
A Fully Restored Smile
It may take your jaw up to six months to heal entirely after full mouth dental implant surgery. During the healing process, your implant posts will fuse permanently with your jawbone, making it strong and stable enough to hold your bridge of new, natural-looking teeth. You should have minimal discomfort during this time. After we confirm that you’re totally recovered, we’ll have you come back in and replace your temporary bridge with your permanent one. Your final bridge is tailored to fit your mouth; one-size-fits-all won’t do for our patients. After making just a few simple adjustments we can send you home with a complete, healthy, and natural-looking smile. Your life will never be the same again!
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Flexible Payment Options

The cost for full mouth dental implants varies based on the selection of materials as well as the sedation method and any preliminary treatments. From one perspective, the cost of not having implants outweighs their price, since they restore your ability to partake in the most basic daily activities again without discomfort, concern, or awkwardness. They are priced higher than conventional dentures or implant supported dentures, but they’re also built to last—possibly the rest of your life with regular care—and are the most genuine-looking and customizable teeth replacement option offered in dentistry today. 

Reserve a consultation at our practice so that we can explain how full mouth dental implants will transform your health and your life for the better. During your appointment, we’ll also go over pricing and explain how we can make your new smile fit within your budget. This includes third-party financing companies that can split your cost into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. We’ll work with you so that a healthy, complete, spectacular smile and a more self-confident and satisfying life can become a reality. Don’t be toothless any longer—contact us today!

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