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We understand that many patients focus on the cost of dental care instead of putting the health of their smile first. We’re here to help reverse this focus. As many oral health conditions are tied closely to physical health, taking care of your gums, teeth, and bone can have a big impact on your whole body. For this reason, we don’t want you to neglect your oral health due to finances! Schedule an appointment at one of our many convenient office locations, and we’ll help you create a payment plan that fits within your budget while giving you the treatments you need to achieve optimal oral health. We’re upfront about the cost of any services we provide, too, so you can rest assured there will never be any surprises or hidden fees. Have you been avoiding the dentist because you fear you can’t afford treatment? We’ll help change your mind at Bela Family Dentistry.

Payment Options for Every Budget

We don’t ever want you to feel that dental care is outside your budget, whether you want routine services, desire cosmetic treatment, or need restorative dental surgery. While we aren’t a preferred provider for any dental insurance carriers, we’ll file all claims on your behalf to maximize your benefits. For any remaining fees, we offer three different third-party financing options. Whether you have dental insurance or not, we’ll help make your care affordable.

Our Financing Options

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If you are looking for other financial options, please ask consult your local bela office. We work with several third party financing groups.

Making Dental Care Affordable through Financing

For all treatments and services your insurance doesn’t cover or if you don’t have insurance, we offer third-party financing through Sunbit and CareCredit®. Each provides its own unique advantages including low monthly payments, convenient application processes, and no-interest options. We know financing can get confusing. That’s why we’re here to review each of your options and assist you every step of the way. Whether applying for financing or restoring your health, our experienced team can help.

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