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Artificial Teeth that Look and Feel Like Natural Ones

Pain while eating. A diet primarily made up of soft foods. Low self-confidence. A prematurely aged facial appearance. If you’ve lost at least one of your teeth, you may have to face one or all of these issues. Our team can return all the function, beauty, and confidence you’ve lost with personalized denture solutions that look and perform like natural teeth. With full or partial dentures, specially fitted to your requirements, your smile needn’t be a stranger any longer. Nowadays dentures and partials are far more customized than ever before! We’re highly skilled in providing dentures, using our expertise to craft new teeth that complement your facial esthetics and improve your biting and chewing abilities. At Bela Family Dentistry, our continuing mission is to furnish you with removable teeth that look unquestionably natural!
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What Dentures and Partials Can Do for You

Replacements with Greater Stability

If you’re thinking about getting dentures or currently have them, you might want to consider an even more stable option. Implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants are both alternatives that involve surgically inserting durable implant posts into your jawbone and anchoring the appliances to them. Dental implants offer unmatched benefits, including providing lasting support to your new teeth, keeping your jawbone healthy through regular stimulation, and maintaining your natural facial shape. With your teeth fixed in your jaw, you’ll get more normal, reliable function when eating and speaking compared to dentures and can rest assured that your teeth are secure in your mouth. Dentures or bridges attached to implants won’t become loose or slip out of place! While conventional dentures usually require ongoing readjustment, implant-based solutions give you a fully functional, stunningly beautiful smile that will last. Let us help you decide which fixed or removable solution best fits your specific needs, budget, and smile goals with a consultation at our office.

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