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TMJ Treatment - Wagener, SC

Real Relief for Jaw Pain and Bruxism

Rebalance Your Joints, Muscles, and Teeth

Many patients come to our Bela Family Dentistry practice complaining of sore facial muscles, a condition that most often occurs after they wake up each morning. A significant number of these patients also have worn or even flat teeth resulting from teeth grinding and clenching (a condition called bruxism) during sleep. Many of them also experience discomfort in their jaw joints and facial muscles, as well as migraines, and radiating pain throughout their neck, shoulders, and back. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, you probably need some adjustments. For your mouth to function comfortably, your jaw joints, muscles, and teeth must all function harmoniously. When issues develop in one area, they can consequently affect other areas as well. This explains why so many people with bruxism also have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, a misalignment of the joints connecting your jaw to your skull and allowing your mouth to move. We can treat your bruxism and the muscle pain in your face with individualized TMJ treatments in Wagener, SC, such as oral appliances, bite adjustments, and TMJ therapy with orthodontics. Reestablishing a harmonious balance among your joints, muscles, and teeth is generally all that’s necessary for you to have complete, comfortable oral function again!

Signs of TMJ Issues

Treating the Source of Your Pain

To restore your balance and comfort, it’s vital to establish the root cause of your symptoms. Following thorough diagnostics, assessment, and personal discussions with you in our Wagener, SC office, our team will craft a personalized TMJ treatment plan that will effectively manage your TMJ disorder for the long term. We offer these proven solutions:

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