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We completely understand that most children may not be too happy about the idea of dental visits at first, even when they’re not old enough to completely understand what’s going on. New people, sights, sounds, and other sensations can make children feel apprehensive anywhere they go. They will encounter all of these during their first dental experience. Though we’re unfamiliar to your children at the outset of our relationship, we intend to become as recognizable and non-threatening to them as their family members and friends. The whole Bela Family Dentistry team is welcoming, compassionate, and sympathetic to the way children can feel in new situations. We’ll introduce your family to our team passionate about pediatric dentistry in Wagener, SC and give you a tour of our office to demonstrate that there’s really no reason to be afraid here. By doing this we’ve successfully transformed pediatric dentistry dental appointments into a fun event instead of a source of anxiety for kids of all ages—and launched lasting relationships with them. We’ve already put countless children from the Wagener, SC area on the path to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles, and we’re grateful for the chance to do the same for yours!

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We offer complete dental care for your children, including:

Good Dental Health Habits Start with You, Continue with Us

That lifetime of healthy, happy smiles begins at home, and at a young age. You’re the first dental care provider for your children! Abiding by good nutrition guidelines plays a crucial role in protecting their teeth. Limit sugary foods and drinks in your children’s diets and ensure they get plenty of calcium, which strengthens teeth and bones. Instituting good daily dental hygiene habits is also critical. That means brushing and flossing their teeth as directed by our team. We’re happy to provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry in Wagener, SC including dental hygiene instruction for you and your family during your visits. You should take your children in for all routine, recurring checkups so that we can verify that their teeth are in optimal condition for their age and are coming in as expected. Most children should start having ongoing dental visits when they get their first teeth!

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