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Multiple Missing Teeth - Newberry, SC

Multiple Teeth Missing?

Dentures and Bridges Are Solutions of the Past

Partial dentures were the primary method of replacing missing teeth for so many years that even today some people still believe dentures are their only option. Dentures and partials remain an acceptable and economical way to replace lost or soon-to-be lost teeth. They do have their limitations, however. They don’t provide fully reliable performance when you’re eating or speaking, for example. They can slip out of place, even with support from adhesives, making for embarrassing or frustrating situations. And that’s just a short-term concern. Because dentures don’t have roots or their artificial equivalent, they’re not only less stable, they can also allow the “unused” jawbone underneath to deteriorate, putting other teeth at risk of falling out. We provide dental implants in Newberry, SC to help you avoid these issues.

At Bela Family Dentistry, our team is extensively skilled and experienced in restoring smiles that look great, feel great, function normally, and preserve the health of the teeth and bone that make them possible. We achieve this with implant supported bridges, which add the advantage of dental implants—a secure attachment to the jawbone—to the equation. Conventional bridges often require you to have some of your healthy teeth partially filed down in order to fit over your gums. What’s more, upper dentures are usually secured by at least a portion of an artificial palate, resulting in the loss of some of the taste sensation and tactile experience of eating. Why lose anything when implant supported bridges can return all the function of your mouth and bring greater confidence?

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Advantages of Implants at a Glance

Removable Partial Dentures (Partials)

Fixed Dental Bridge

Implant Supported Bridge

The Implant Supported Bridge Process—Start to Finish

Begin with a Consultation
Every case for dental implants in Newberry, SC starts with a personalized one-hour consultation. This gives us a chance to learn your specific smile goals, evaluate your overall dental health, and discuss treatment pricing and payment options. With our low-radiation CT scanner, we capture 3D images of your mouth that enable us to properly diagnose your condition and develop a customized treatment plan. Most patients who are missing teeth are candidates for dental implants. Depending upon the condition of your mouth, you may need some other treatments before you can receive implants, including tooth extractions (to remove any diseased teeth that you are going to have replaced) and bone grafting (to restore any lost bone in your jaw). Certain medical conditions may also affect your candidacy.
Continue with Dental Implant Placement
Congratulations! You’re ready for dental implant placement. As you will see in all aspects of the care we provide, your comfort is our top concern. We prepare you for a smooth, pain-free procedure with IV sedation, which enables you to sleep right through the process, or another suitable type of sedation. Not every practice offers as many different or powerful sedation options as we do! Once you’re fully sedated, we’ll perform any procedures needed to get your jawbone in the proper condition to support dental implants. Doing these the same day as implant placement means fewer visits for you! (There’s a chance your jawbone may need a few months to heal before placement if you have severe bone loss. This will ensure greater stability for the implants.)

After anesthesia and supplemental procedures, we’ll surgically insert the durable implant posts into your jawbone. The number of posts varies, but we always use as few as possible to reduce the number of insertion sites while providing for optimal implant stability. We position the posts so as to give you the best fit while using the strongest area of bone and avoiding damage to the dental nerves. Our implants are made by renowned names like BioHorizons®, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann®. While you may not know these names, the important point to understand is that these are the top implant manufacturers. That means you know you’re getting the best quality. With placement completed, we can typically attach a temporary dental implant bridge in the same appointment to enable you to eat, speak, laugh, and smile without those unsightly gaps!
Finish with Restorations
Healing after implant placement may last up to six months. During that time, while your implants are permanently fusing with the bone, you’ll slowly become accustomed to having a full set of teeth again with your temporary restorations. We’ll check up on your progress from time to time to confirm that you’re healing properly. Once you’ve fully recovered and your implants are firmly in place, you’ll return to our office to receive your customized final bridge. We’ll remove the temporary one and replace it with the one that was made especially for you. That doesn’t mean our job is finished, however. We will work to make sure the fit and esthetics are just right, making adjustments as needed. We’re not happy until you are because we’re as excited to see your complete, attractive smile as you are!
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Think Implants Are Out of Reach? Think Again.

Implant supported bridges have the potential to completely change your life, enabling you to enjoy basic activities like sharing a meal or a conversation with a friend again. They can also help you experience a level of confidence you never had while those missing teeth spoiled your smile. It’s hard to put a price tag on such things. Further complicating the equation is that no two implant cases are identical; we take your health, your smile goals, and other variables into consideration.

We strive to make getting the fully restored smile you desire as uncomplicated as we can. This is why we’ve partnered with financial companies to offer flexible payment options that fall within your budget, including making smaller, more manageable monthly payments. You can get dental implants in Newberry, SC! We also recommend that you check with your dental insurance provider to see if any part of your treatment is covered. We submit all insurance claims for your convenience, regardless of the type of treatment. Let’s meet and discuss how we can make your smile whole again so that you don’t have to worry about those missing teeth any longer.

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