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Root Canals Save Teeth from Extraction

We Eliminate Infection and Pain

If you’re experiencing severe pain from deep inside your tooth, there are a few likely explanations. One is that you’ve developed a bad cavity and require a filling. The other is that an infection has broken the barrier between your tooth enamel and the pulp chamber, where living tissues such as nerves—the source of sensation in your tooth—and blood vessels are found. In the latter instance, providing a filling won’t alleviate the problem, nor does it mean that the tooth is in such poor condition that it has to be removed. Extensively experienced at providing endodontics in Newberry, SC, our team can eliminate your pain and infection with root canal therapy instead of eliminating the tooth itself. That natural tooth will emerge even stronger after treatment.

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Indications You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

If you have any of these symptoms and may require endodontics in Newberry, SC, please contact us immediately:

How We Reclaim Your Unhealthy Tooth

Through advanced imaging, we can quickly diagnose root canal issues. From there, we’ll schedule you for treatment during the soonest available open appointment. By the time of the procedure, you may have already experienced a lot of pain, and our first priority is to make you comfortable. We offer several sedation dentistry options to make your treatment go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. We not only take the procedure and the underlying infection into consideration when choosing sedation, but also your level of dental anxiety, if any. Once you’ve been sedated, we open the crown of the affected tooth to gain access to the infected pulp chamber. There we remove all of the diseased tissue, sanitize the area, then expand and reshape the root canals, the narrow channels inside your tooth roots for which the procedure is named. We reinforce the tooth by filling these canals with a special dental material known as gutta-percha. We typically then provide the tooth with a new crown to ensure that it stays strong through normal use for many years to come!

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Permanent filling or crown placed

Lose the pain, not the tooth!

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