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It may be tempting to think that only teens and adults need dental care, but kids do too! Growing and developing children need special care to ensure that their jaws, teeth, and soft tissues are healthy as they mature. At Bela Family Dentistry, we’re all about helping your child get a head start on their dental health with pediatric dentistry in Kershaw, SC. As parents ourselves, we understand how to provide dental care that helps your child feel relaxed and comfortable at our Kershaw, SC office. Beginning with the welcoming nature of our home-like office, your child will have a great dental experience from the moment he or she steps through our front door. It’s this attentiveness to their safety and comfort that has many patients bringing their whole families to see our team of experienced dentists! We’ll be sure to take care of your child and their oral health as they grow.

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Our Kershaw, SC pediatric dentistry appointments are all about your child’s comfort. We want your child to feel relaxed around our dentists and staff, and this begins with a warm welcome to our office. You’ll meet our team and take an office tour. Parents of our young patients routinely comment on how attentive we are to the comfort of their child and to helping them feel at ease, too. With the home-like nature of our office and compassionate staff, it doesn’t take long for children to feel completely safe and comfortable here and around our team.

During your child’s dental exam, we’ll assess the health of his or her mouth, including the jaw, soft tissues, and bone. If teeth are present, we’ll perform a hygiene cleaning, then apply sealants or fluoride treatment. During this time, we will also educate you on how to best care for your child’s teeth and oral health, including, at-home oral care, nutritional or diet recommendations, and how to encourage good hygiene habits. If your child has never been to the dentist, we’d love to meet him or her! Here, we can ensure they’re receiving the healthy foundation needed to maintain good oral health for life!

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