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Don’t let missing teeth cause you to live life uncomfortably! If you’re having trouble eating or are noticing your facial appearance is changing, we can help with complete or partial dentures in Kershaw, SC. These restorative solutions can help bring back the natural esthetics and function of your smile and even restore your confidence. Our custom-made full and partial dentures will help you feel youthful and attractive in your smile once again. The dentists at Bela Family Dentistry are experienced in denture solutions, and we’ll provide you with a new smile that complements your facial characteristics while improving your ability to talk and eat. Most importantly, your new denture or partial will look natural within your smile—no one will know you’re wearing false teeth! We’re here to help you improve how you look and feel with personalized dentures and partials. Schedule your appointment at our Kershaw, SC office today.

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What to Expect with Dentures

Keep Dentures Secured In Place

If you’re faced with the necessity of dentures in Kershaw, SC or wear them currently, you’ll probably benefit from a more stable and secure alternative. We provide implant supported bridges to replace several missing teeth in a row as well as implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants to replace failing or missing teeth in one or both arches. All these solutions use the stability of dental implants to secure your teeth in place. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone, taking on the function and responsibility of natural teeth. Dental implants are ideal for multiple reasons, including providing permanent support, offering healthy stimulation to your jaw, and retaining your natural facial appearance. Teeth supported by dental implants also improve their function, including your ability to bite and chew comfortably. Best of all, with your teeth permanently attached to dental implants, they will never become loose or fall out, giving you a functional, attractive smile that can last the rest of your life! If you’re needing to replace all your teeth, this is a life-changing transformation in your dental function, health, and confidence! Our experienced dentists are here to help you decide whether fixed solutions or removable dentures are best for you.

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