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Soft Tissue Treatments - Florence, SC

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Improve the Look and Function of Gum Tissues

Keeping your gum tissue healthy is good for your oral health and medical health, even if there doesn’t seem to be a connection! Certain seemingly cosmetic issues, like an unattractive “gummy” smile, can put your teeth at risk for decay beneath the tissues. Other conditions, like gum disease that is characterized by chronic inflammation and infection of the tissues, can be dangerous for systemic health. It’s the leading cause of tooth loss and can complicate systemic problems like diabetes and heart disease. Our experienced dentists are skilled in periodontal treatments, like a gingivectomy in Florence, SC, to improve the natural beauty and health of your smile. Treating both functional and cosmetic issues, our soft tissue procedures will give your gums a natural health boost and a more attractive smile overall.

Periodontal Service Advantages

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Treating Your Soft Tissue Concerns

Soft Tissue Recontouring
Bring symmetry back to an unattractive “gummy” smile with personalized soft tissue recontouring. We take away the excessive gum tissue that hides the natural size of tooth crowns to recreate a better tooth-to-gum ratio on each tooth.
Improve the ease and comfort of your child when they speak, eat, or swallow. We reduce or eliminate the tissue (frenulum) that impedes the movement of the tongue. Removing this similar tissue that attaches the upper lip to the mouth can improve infant nursing, natural esthetics, and orthodontic treatment.
Gum Grafting
Reverse dangerous and unattractive receding gums and sensitive teeth with gum grafting. We cover exposed teeth with gum grafts taken from your mouth or donor tissue to protect teeth and improve smile esthetics.
Effectively manage more advanced stages of gum disease with a gingivectomy in Florence, SC. Using a scalpel, we’ll gently remove infected tissue, then clean the periodontal pockets and the surfaces of the teeth. Reducing pocket depth helps healthy gum attach to the teeth and bone, providing a healthy barrier against bacteria.
Guided Tissue Regeneration
Heal faster and healthier after soft tissue treatment and bone grafting. Guided tissue regeneration involves placing a membrane between the bone and gums to keep them separate. The tissues are then allowed to heal at separate speeds without interfering with each other.

Improve your gum tissue health!

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