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Sedation Dentistry - Florence, SC

Defeat Dental Anxiety

We’ll Keep You Calm and Comfortable

At Bela Family Dentistry we understand some people have anxieties about receiving dental care. If you’re one of them, relax! Our compassionate and highly skilled team will do everything possible to keep you calm and comfortable during your visits. This starts in our luxurious waiting room and extends throughout all phases of your care in our treatment suites. We offer a variety of sedation options, including IV sedation to keep you pain- and fear-free while you’re receiving treatment. We hope to create an environment that you’ll feel at ease coming back to and a relationship in which you know your concerns are our concerns. Dental anxiety? Don’t be afraid to tell us. You might be pleasantly surprised by the experience you have.

Our Sedation Options

During a consultation about your treatment, we’ll discuss our sedation options and determine which is best for you based on your level of dental anxiety and the complexity of your procedure. These include:

IV Sedation
Delivered intravenously, this type of sedation produces a state similar to sleep, but you won’t feel anything during your procedure, nor will you remember any part of it afterward. One of the top options for patients with severe dental anxiety, IV sedation is often used during dental implant placement and other types of oral surgery.
Oral Sedation
With this option you take a pill before your procedure and then fall into a relaxed, calming state. Like IV sedation, this is a strong option for patients with minimal to severe dental anxiety issues.
Local Anesthesia
We use local anesthesia to numb a small treatment area. This can be applied as a gel or administered via injection.

Avoid the Dangers of Dental Anxiety

We offer multiple sedation choices not only to help prevent you from becoming uncomfortable during your appointment, but to encourage you to keep your dental health on track by returning regularly for routine care. Doing this as well as practicing good dental hygiene and reporting any unusual symptoms immediately can decrease your likelihood of needing more complex, expensive, and potentially uncomfortable treatments down the road. With our extensive sedation options and expertise, there’s no reason for you to ever be afraid of the dentist again.

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