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Conquer Your Dental Anxiety

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Bela Family Dentistry is no stranger to treating patients with dental anxiety. If that sounds like you, let us reassure you that you have nothing to fear! Our understanding and deeply compassionate and skilled staff will do whatever’s necessary to keep you anxiety- and stress-free during your treatment. You’ll realize it the moment you walk into our homey waiting area and see it carry through all the steps of your care in our treatment rooms. We offer a variety of sedation methods including IV sedation to keep you relaxed while you’re receiving treatment. We hope to promote an atmosphere in which you’ll feel comfortable coming back to and build a relationship where you understand that easing your concerns is our priority. Have dental anxiety? Don’t think twice about telling us. We know you’ll be happily surprised by the experience you have at our office.

Our Primary Sedation Services

Our first face-to-face consultation will include a review of our sedation choices and a recommendation of which one, or combination of them, might suit you best based on the extent of your dental anxiety and other factors. Choices include:

IV Sedation
Delivered through an IV, this form of sedation creates a state that’s similar to sleep, however you won't feel anything during your procedure, nor will you remember any aspect of it later. IV sedation is one of the preferred options for patients who have extreme dental anxiety and is frequently used during dental implant placement and various oral surgery procedures.
Oral Sedation
With this option you swallow a pill prior to your procedure and then fall into a peaceful sleeplike state. Similar in effect to IV sedation, this is a frequent choice for those with moderate to severe dental anxiety.
Local Anesthesia
We have local anesthesia to numb a very specific treatment area within the mouth. This can be applied in gel form or injected directly into the site.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Dental Anxiety

We offer so many sedation options not just to help you stay comfortable during your care, but also to make it clear that maintaining your dental health through recurring dental appointments is nothing to be afraid of. By coming in for regular visits, maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits, and reporting any unusual symptoms as soon as you experience them you can decrease the likelihood that you’ll have to undergo more invasive, expensive, and uncomfortable treatments in the days to come. With our extensive sedation options and our demonstrated expertise, you may actually be able to conquer your dental anxiety once and for all.

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