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General dentistry is more than professional teeth cleanings twice a year. For us, it represents the opportunity to encourage you to adopt good dental hygiene habits and help you keep your teeth strong, beautiful, and healthy through the years with personalized treatment. General dentistry also helps protect you from serious oral health issues with proactive and recurring exams, screenings, and treatments. Our approach at Bela Family Dentistry is to gear our comprehensive dentistry services toward your unique desires, goals, and oral health concerns. By collaborating with you, our dentist in Edgefield, SC can help you achieve a quality of oral health, function, and esthetics that elevates your self-confidence and makes you smile broadly in all your daily social interactions.

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Dental Exams
When we offer dental exams, we include a full dental cleaning with a gentle hygienist and evaluation by a highly credentialed dentist in Edgefield, SC. This evaluation will consider a number of things, including whether or not you could have sleep apnea, a TMJ disorder or oral cancer. Next, we’ll examine your teeth for cavities with our non-invasive DIAGNOdent™ cavity detection machine. We also provide fluoride treatment and sealants to give our young patients added protection from tooth decay. In addition, we may perform x-rays, which we complete with our in-house, low-radiation cone beam CT technology.
TMJ Treatment
TMJ disorders are often the result of misalignment of the jaw joints and/or teeth. We alleviate TMJ symptoms using mouthguards, which prevent you from grinding and clenching (a result of malocclusion and a common sign of TMJ disorder) your teeth, allow your jaws to shift into a more comfortable position, and enable your facial and jaw muscles to loosen and relax. Orthodontics, another proven solution, helps relieve TMJ disorder symptoms by straightening the teeth to minimize grinding and clenching and reestablishing the normal movement of the jaw joints.
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep apnea is a potentially serious condition characterized by frequent and repeated interruptions in respiration during sleep. This occurs because the lower jaw, tongue, and other soft tissues in the mouth have sunken and are partially (snoring) or totally (breathing cessation) impeding your airway. We use the six-step protocol, as initiated by prosthodontist Dr. Jeff Rouse and taught by Spear® Education, to evaluate your condition and develop a customized airway management strategy with mouthguards. These tools hold your jaw, tongue, and tissues forward, keeping your airway unobstructed and enabling you to get more restful, quality sleep each night.
Restorative Dentistry
Cracked, worn down, or broken teeth? We use fillings, bonding, crowns, and bridges to fortify your teeth and your health. Using tooth-colored resin material, we can perfect your smile into the brighter, straighter, and more balanced one you desire. Our crowns and bridges are made in-office using our specialized milling machine and an eye for cosmetics. Each restoration, whether a filling or a bridge of new teeth, will be custom designed to match your smile and last for years to come!

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