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Endodontics - Edgefield, SC

Protect Your Teeth with Root Canals

Endodontic Treatment Ends Pain and Infection

Debilitating pain originating from your tooth roots might indicate the presence of an infection. This often occurs when bacteria from a cavity breaks through the enamel and spreads into the pulp chamber, which is home to living tissues including nerves and blood vessels. In such cases, a standard filling is not adequate to mend the damage, but that doesn’t mean that pulling the tooth is a given either.

We have a treatment that will permit you to save your teeth after infection has destroyed the tissue inside. Root canals are the slender channels within your teeth that hold that tissue. The procedure to treat infections there is also called a root canal. Driven by general dentists with comprehensive skill in restorative procedures and endodontics in Edgefield, SC, the Bela Family Dentistry team can help you return to the days of pain-free eating and natural-sounding speech with endodontic treatment. Don’t live with unbearable tooth pain when we can put an end to it.

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The Procedure for Root Pain Relief

After we positively pinpoint the cause of your tooth pain, we’ll set up a root canal treatment for your next appointment. The primary step of the procedure is making you feel comfortable. You’ll see that as a recurring theme inside our Edgefield, SC office, from the tranquil, amenity-rich waiting room that greets you when you step inside the door to our wide-ranging sedation dentistry options. We pick the method of sedation for root canal procedures using the complexity of your care and the severity of your dental anxiety, if relevant, as our guide. During the treatment itself, we make an opening in the infected tooth’s crown to access the pulp chamber. Inside, we remove all soft tissue, then disinfect, expand, and restructure the root canals. After medicating the treatment area, we insert a unique dental material called gutta-percha into the hollow root canals to fortify the tooth. To ensure the top part of the tooth remains strong, we place a dental crown—fabricated the same day with our in-house E4D Technologies equipment—on it. Soon you’ll be smiling widely again as you resume a normal life free of root canal pain and hassles. See the benefits of endodontics in Edgefield, SC for yourself!

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Be Aware of These Warning Signs

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, notify our office without delay:

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