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Removable Teeth that Function and Feel Natural

Is eating a pain, speaking difficult, and smiling seem impossible? Missing teeth, whether one or a full mouth of missing teeth, can lead to loss of function, a change in your bite, and a change in your facial appearance if left untreated. We can restore your smile and renew your confidence with modern dentures in Columbia, South Carolina. Combing decades of restorative dentistry experience with cutting-edge technology, we offer custom-designed full and partial dentures that are personalized to you. Our imaging technology offers an in-depth look at the precise contours of your existing smile. We’ll then custom craft each denture prosthesis to blend with existing teeth or completely restore an entire arch of them. These dentures aren’t what they used to be. Our goal is to ensure you can live your life confidently again and others don’t even know you’re wearing them!

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Why Choose Dentures and Partials?

Our Fixed Solutions

Our removable full or partial dentures will last for years to come, offer restored beauty, and renewed function, however, during your consultation we’ll also discuss another, more secure, alternative. Along with removable dentures, we offer implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants at our Columbia office. Using dental implants as the anchor, we’re able to attach your prosthesis for even more long-term stability. Dental implants are strategically placed into your jawbone, acting as a long-term foundation and even accepting some of the responsibility of natural teeth. Just as a natural tooth root, each implant post encourages healthy stimulation of jawbone growth, retaining the natural contours of your bone and renewing a youthful facial shape. This secure foundation also offers even greater oral function. In fact, dentures or a bridge of teeth attached to dental implants won’t become loose or fall out so you can live life confidently again. We’ll help you decide which solution, whether fixed or removable, fits best within your budget and smile goals during a consultation at our Columbia, SC location.

You can smile confidently again!

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