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Dental Crowns & Bridges - Columbia, SC

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Custom, Restorative Dentistry

Have a chipped, broken, or missing tooth? Dental crowns and dental bridges are the affordable and popular solution many patients choose. Although each of these restorations has its own purpose, both crowns and bridges are custom-designed to return a damaged tooth or an imperfect smile to natural function and beauty. When properly maintained just like a natural tooth, a dental bridge or dental crown in Columbia, SC provided by our team can last for many years to come. Our talented dentists have decades of experience designing and placing these restorative solutions and with the materials and technology we use, our treatment is as efficient and predictable as possible. But before you receive your newly restored smile, we’ll invite you to our Columbia, SC office to get to know you, your needs, and your oral health goals. Once we understand how to personalize your treatment plan, we’ll provide a smile you’ll be happy to show off.

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Dental Crowns: A Tooth Like New

Whether worn down, chipped, broken, or discolored, a dental crown can restore a damaged tooth to complete health, esthetics, and function. In many cases, we use crowns to complete a root canal procedure and seal the treated area from further infection. Each crown is essentially a “cap” that covers your tooth. We use durable materials that look lifelike meaning your crowns will not only last but will look natural the whole time. Using our own milling technology, we avoid sending our crowns to a lab like other dental offices. We want to ensure each restoration is of the utmost quality and is truly customized to you. Our dental crowns in Columbia, SC have many advantages, including:

Dental Bridges: A Smile Like New

If you have one or more missing teeth, it doesn’t just affect that singular area of your mouth—it affects your entire smile. A dental bridge literally “bridges” the gap left by missing or extracted teeth using a series of crowns. Anchoring to adjacent teeth for stability, each dental bridge can renew your ability to eat and speak without worry. The final bridgework we design will be custom-fitted and blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Our dental bridges can offer you a lot of benefits, including:
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