Meet Dr. Lara Ragab - Augusta, GA

Meet Dr. Lara Ragab, DMD

Dr. Lara Ragab, DMD

Dr. Lara Ragab, DMD has joined the Bela Family Dentistry of Augusta.

Ragab earned her dental degree at the University of Montreal in 2017. She provides a variety of dental services, including general restoration, crown, bridge, partials, implant restoration, surgical and non-surgical extractions, Clear Correct, whitening and oral sedation.

“In addition to my passion for all aspects of general dentistry, I completed advanced training in complex wisdom teeth extraction at the South Beach Dental Institute,” Ragab said. “I was also trained under the supervision of renowned periodontists to treat gum diseases and tissue grafting.”

Ragab grew up in the Canadian city of Montreal, where she practiced dentistry for four years. After living in New York City with her husband for a year, they moved to Augusta, where Ragab says she fell in love with “the beautiful people and refreshing weather.”

“With my desire to always help people, I was always driven to a healthcare path. When they asked us in elementary school to write a letter to our future self, year after year, I would write that I wanted to be a dentist,” Ragab said. “Reading those letters later on just confirmed my choice.”

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