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General dentistry isn’t just about routine teeth cleanings two times a year. To us, it’s about helping you sustain your oral health and a stunning, functional smile through relaxing, tailored treatment. And it helps you avoid more serious oral health issues from occurring through preventive exams, screenings, and treatments. We always gear our comprehensive dentistry services toward our patients’ distinctive objectives, desires, and oral health concerns. Working with you, our dentist in Augusta, GA can help you attain a level of oral health, function, and esthetics that boosts your confidence and makes you smile for many years to come.

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Dental Exams
Our dental examinations are wide-ranging, including a full dental cleaning with a caring hygienist and an oral cancer screening by one of our knowledgeable Augusta, GA dentists. Our protocol includes checking your teeth for cavities with our non-invasive DIAGNOdent™ cavity detection tool. For our young patients, we offer fluoride treatment and sealants as extra protection against tooth decay. We may also suggest x-rays, which we perform in-house with our low-radiation cone beam CT equipment.
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Sleep apnea is a serious condition characterized by recurring and frequent interruptions in breathing during sleep. This happens because the lower jaw, tongue, and tissues in the mouth have collapsed and are partly (snoring) or completely (breathing cessation) blocking your airway. We practice the six-step protocol, as originated by prosthodontist Dr. Jeff Rouse and taught by Spear® Education, to assess your condition and create an individualized airway management strategy using mouthguards. These devices keep your jaw, tongue, and tissues forward, holding your airway open and allowing you to get more restful, uninterrupted sleep.
Restorative Dentistry
Although it’s primary objective is to restore oral health and function, each of our restorative dentistry treatments are placed using a cosmetic eye as well. Using tooth-colored resin material, our Augusta, GA dentists can reshape and brighten a tooth with dental bonding. Have a cavity? We only use composite fillings, and trust us, no one will notice it was there. If more of your tooth needs to be restored, we offer same-day crowns. We mill them in our office to ensure they are of the highest quality and they meet your unique needs. For those with missing teeth we also offer bridges and dental implants to recreate a seamless smile.
TMJ Treatment
TMJ disorders typically occur because the jaw joints and/or teeth are not aligned. We treat TMJ issues using mouthguards, which stop you from grinding and clenching (a consequence of malocclusion and a common indication of TMJ disorder) your teeth, allow your jaws to move into a more natural position, and enable your facial and jaw muscles to relax and rest. Orthodontics, another effective solution, helps alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder by realigning the teeth to decrease grinding and clenching and restoring the normal function of the jaw joints.

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