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Endodontic Treatment Stops Discomfort and Disease

Extreme pain emanating from the roots of your teeth might mean an internal infection. This can happen when bacteria from a cavity eats through the enamel and reaches the pulp chamber, the place where the nerves and blood vessels—all living tissue—are located. In such instances, a basic filling is not enough to fix the damage, yet that doesn’t mean extraction is required either. Endodontics has a remedy that will allow you to save your teeth when infection destroys the living tissue inside. Root canals are the thin passages within your teeth that house that tissue. The treatments to remedy infections are also referred to as root canals. Powered by general dentists with wide-ranging experience in endodontics in Augusta, GA, the team here at Bela Family Dentistry can help you enjoy pain-free meals and normal living again with endodontic treatment. Don’t live with debilitating tooth pain—let us put an end to it.

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The Proven Way to Pain Relief

As soon as we positively identify the source of your tooth pain, we’ll arrange a root canal treatment for your following appointment. The initial step of the procedure is making you comfortable. That’s a consistent theme within our Augusta, GA office, from the relaxing, amenity-appointed waiting area that welcomes you when you enter our facility to our customized sedation dentistry options. We choose the type of sedation for root canals based on the complexity of your case as well as your degree of dental anxiety, if applicable. For the actual treatment, we access the infected tooth’s pulp chamber via the crown. Inside, we eliminate all living tissue, then sanitize, broaden, and reshape the root canals. After medicating the affected area, we place a special dental material known as gutta-percha in the empty root canals to strengthen the tooth. To make sure the top part of the tooth is as strong as possible, we attach a crown to it. Eventually, you’ll have a smile back on your face as you return to regular daily tasks without discomfort or hassles.

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Symptoms of Root Canal Issues

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, reach out to us right away for endodontics in Augusta, GA:

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