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Your smile is not only one of your most defining characteristics, it can also improve your overall facial esthetics, too. If you have cosmetic imperfections, including chipped, crooked, worn down, yellowed, or missing teeth, these can have a big impact on your appearance and your confidence! Our experienced cosmetic dentistry team here at Bela Family Dentistry, offers truly personalized smile makeover treatment plans to meet your unique goals. With extensive training in cosmetic dentistry approaches and an esthetic eye, our dentists are skilled in both the artistic and technical aspects required to restore your smile to ideal health, beauty, and function. Whether all you need is a simple whitening treatment or your smile requires a phased treatment plan with multiple services, we have the training and advanced technology to offer customized and lasting results. Together, we can make your dream smile a reality, one that naturally complements your facial features and your character and one that restores your self-confidence for years to come! Schedule your consultation for a smile makeover in Aiken, SC today!

smile makeover patient

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In order to truly feel confident in your smile, you need one that you feel attractive in. We use Digital Smile Design technology to virtually design your final treatment results before treatment even begins.  Using this software, we’re able to truly personalize your smile makeover in Aiken, SC, ensuring it complements your facial features and meets each of your unique goals. But this technology isn’t just for us to use. You’ll be able to have more control over how you want your ideal smile to look and as a team we’ll make any modifications desired until you’re completely satisfied with the results. Applying a deeper understanding of your personal goals and predicting your future smile with Digital Smile Design technology, we’re better able to craft a custom treatment plan that streamlines your smile makeover process that ends with the most predictable and lasting results.

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We strive to ensure everyone not only receives a smile that meets their immediate cosmetic goals, but one that meets their long-term desires as well. By the end of your smile makeover treatment plan, we want you to achieve straight, bright teeth, a balanced gum line, and an appealing smile free from functional or esthetic issues. Through a personalized consultation, we’ll get to know you and get to the root of your cosmetic desires. With experience in all the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer, we also bring a dedication to providing the most cutting-edge and high-quality care possible. At Bela Family Dentistry, expect the beautiful, reliable results you want from a team you can trust.

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