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Living with missing teeth can really take a toll on your physical health and your emotional wellbeing. If you’ve been struggling to eat, talk, or feel confident because of your tooth loss, schedule an appointment with our restorative dentists. We have the training and experience to restore beauty, function, and confidence back to your life with our life-like, functional partials and dentures in Aiken, SC. Custom-fitted to feel like natural teeth, our dentures and partials won’t look like artificial teeth and can help you feel attractive and confident once again! Don’t let tooth loss keep affecting your quality of life. Schedule your first consultation with our Aiken, SC team today. We’ll help you live a healthier, more confident life with our denture solutions!

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Why Patients Choose Dentures and Partials

Add Security to Your Dentures or Partials

If you’re looking for a more stable alternative to removable partials and dentures in Aiken, SC, you can find it with dental implants! We can give your smile greater security with implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures or full mouth dental implants. These solutions all involve surgically placing dental implants into your jaw to create a permanent foundation for a dental bridge, denture, or full arch prosthesis. Dental implants are ideal for many patients because they provide long-term support for your artificial teeth, naturally stimulate and preserve your jawbone, and keep your facial structure from changing and aging due to missing teeth. With fixed, stable dental implants, you’ll have greater function when eating and more confidence in how secure the teeth feel in your mouth. They’ll never slip, loosen, or fall out, and won’t need relining or adjusting. Even securing a denture to just two dental implants can have a significant effect on your ability to speak, eat, and laugh! Whether you choose a more permanent, stable solution with dental implants, or would like removable dentures or partials, we’ll provide a personalized and natural-looking restoration for you.

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